The mattress is a personal choice and you should find one that is comfortable. It is a long-term investment and you need to know everything about the mattress you are interested before you buy.Some prefer the spring action mattress while others prefer the modern memory foam mattress. What if both of them are combined to a hybrid?That is exactly the reason behind the birth of luxury hybrid mattresses.

Both memory foam and spring action are being put ona single mattress making it a hybrid one with advantages from both types.

These hybrid mattresses provide the comfort of memory foam along with the classic innerspring mattress.

It is known for its sturdy support and contouring comfort.

Now that we know what a hybrid mattress is, we also need to know the components of a hybrid bed.

This will help you understand its cost and also determine its worth.

  • Base Foam Layer – a 1-inch height polyurethane foam acts as extra padding and stability for the support core
  • Coil Support Core – this is 6 – 7 inches, which makes most of the mattress height and offers better support and also lessens motion transfer
  • Comfort Layer – a 3 – 4 inches comfort layer made from memory foam which includes gel or copper elements for enhanced cooling capability

With all of these components, the hybrid mattress final product is made.

The last thing that you need to know before you buy this particular mattress would be its benefits.

This will determine the need for you to buy it or not.

An excellent hybrid mattress that I have noticed is the Dreamcloud mattress and you could see the review from this site.


Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses

There are common benefits similar to those of memory foam and spring coil mattress and a few benefits are unique to the hybrid mattress alone.


  1. Pocketed Coil Technology

A unique benefit that acts as a motion transfer inhibitor.

The movement of your partner will not affect your sleep and vice versa.

With this feature, you can have a pleasant and uninterrupted sleep.


  1. Luxury Fabric Cover

Fabric cover is smooth on your skin and it also protects the mattress.

The fabric conforms to your body allowing the memory foam to do its job even better.


  1. Infused Memory Foam Layers

A comfortable sleeping posture is achieved via infused memory foam layers.

It helps relieve pressure and provide a restorative sleep.


  1. Gel-Infused Memory Foam

The main reason to use gel or copper is to remove the heat retention by the mattress.

The more heat retained the more troublesome for you to sleep.

These gel-infused foams help with proper air circulation inside the mattress for a cool and maintained temperature throughout the night.


  1. Edge to Edge Support

From one edge to another, the mattress provides equal support providing more space for a comfortable sleep.

All these 5 benefits are unique to the hybrid mattress alone due to its build and components used to build it.

However, there are several other benefits also, which you need to take into consideration.


  1. Better Spinal Alignment

The innerspring beds have a superior contour that offers better spinal alignment along pressure point relief.

  1. Bouncy and Suitable for Motionless Sleep

When it comes to spring coils, it is often expected to be bouncy and this certainly helps for those couples, one of whom moves a lot in sleep.

It doesn’t produce noise and as we already know, the motion transfer is minimal.

  1. Available in different firmness range

This more of an option for you to choose from.

The hybrid mattress is available in a wide range of firmness levels and you should be able to select the one ideal for your sleeping habits.

Luxury Hybrid Mattresses are Best Suited For…

We already know all the benefits and components involved to build this excellent mattress, but the last thing that we need to be aware of is the type of people that this hybrid mattress is suitable for.

This is not for those sleepers who prefer the ultra-foamytouch or ultra-firmness since the hybrid mattress offers both but not to that extreme level.

It is suited for all those who are willing to try out something new and comfortable, with a mix of both foaminess and firmness.

Longevity is another noteworthy feature of this product and it is a long-term investment, which means buy once and forget.

Reviews show the average lifespan of a hybrid mattress to be 6 years.

The durability is directly dependant on the quality of the base polyfoam used in the manufacturing process.

The warranty can be lifetime or limited based on the mattress brand you choose.

Final thoughts

Overall, it is an excellent mattress with various price ranges and options to choose from.

This is a high-end product which tends to fulfill its intended purpose to the last word.

Check for a decent deal in your locality or online to get your hybrid mattress.

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