If you are trying to increase your physical performance whether for a sport or for health reasons improving your balance is a great place to start. Better balance can make it easier to perform certain workouts and prevent future injuries. If you’re interested in learning effective balance improvement exercises, here are a few suggestions.

Squat and Thigh Pulse

For this exercise, you should start with your legs apart and your feet turned out about 45 degrees. Bend your need and hips to lower your body into a sumo squat. Extend one leg and the opposing arm. Hold the pose and pulse your leg up about 2 or 3 inches three times. Lower your leg to the start position and repeat. You should do this for 12 reps. This workout helps strengthen your lower body and core while improving your balance. Once you get used to the exercise, you can hold a medicine ball or weight to make the workout more challenging.

Plank and Flying Arms

Start the exercise in a plank position with your arms fully extended and your hands under your shoulders. Keep your hips in place and engage your core while you lift one arm in front of you. Continue holding your arm up and fan your arm to the side. Bring your hand to the front again and lower it. Repeat this sequence on the opposite of your body, and repeat the exercise for three rounds. You can also open your feet wider or do the exercise on all four to make the workout a little easier.

Curtsy Lunge and Oblique Crunch

Your feet should be hip-width apart and your fingertips should be at your ears for this exercise. Keep your elbows out and cross one leg behind you to lower your body into a curtsy lunge. Stand without swiveling your hips and bring the same leg up to meet your elbow on the same side to perform an oblique crunch. After doing 12 reps on one side, switch to the other side for 12 more reps. This exercise makes it easier for you to walk without swerving to one side and helps strengthen your legs.

Side Plank with Rolling Forearm

Start the exercise with a side forearm plank and support your body weight with your forearm. Stack your feet on each other and extend your top arm. Roll to the opposite side while switching the arm on the ground and the arm in the air. Hold the position on each side for at least two seconds and do 12 reps on each side. Even though you perform this exercise without standing up, you’re strengthening your core muscles and improving the coordination of your arms and legs. This can make it easier to walk or jog for long periods of time without losing your balance.

Arm Workout with Lifted Heels

Begin by standing with your feet together and your knees pressing toward each other, slight bend. Hold light or medium weights and relax your arms by your sides. Lift your heels off the floor and hold this pose while doing a bicep curl and shoulder press. Lower the weights back to the original position while your arms are extended. Engage your core during this exercise to keep from arching your back. Repeat this exercise eight times.

T-Stand, Side Bend, and Hinge

Begin balancing on your left leg. Bend your right knee at a 90-degree angle, with your hands fully extended on each side of you. Make sure your core is tight, hinge at the hips and raise your right leg behind out. At the same time, lower your torso and touch your left ankle with your right hand. Return to the starting position, then touch the outside of your right leg with your right hand. Perform this exercise on each side eight times. When you balance your leg while changing the position of your body, your core muscles are strengthened, and it will be easier for you to keep your balance. 

Extra Help

If you find you need help doing these exercises consider asking a professional for modifications.  Headquarters PT a company that does physical therapy in Portland recommends using physical therapy exercise not just to improve from injury but also to increase overall strength and physical health. If you are suffering from muscle imbalances or just want to improve your balance consider asking a professional for help.

No matter your reasons, having better balance is always a good thing and can improve your physical health and also help prevent injuries.  If you want to improve your balance try these above-mentioned exercises.

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