My love with pink himalayan salt benefits started many years ago.


One night, after spending the weekend with my family in New Jersey and while preparing to drive back to Touro College in Queens, I was packing up food to take back with me to my dormitory.

My mom was offering me different types of condiments, fruits, vegetables, pastas, etc….

While packing, my mom handed me a pack of pink Himalayan salt. I laughed and asked my mom: “Why’s this salt pink? Why did you get this??”

Her response: “It’s pink and it’s healthier!”

After this episode, I did some research online, and surprisingly, I found that there are numerous, underrated pink Himalayan salt benefits. Here’s what I’ve found about Himalayan salt:



Origin of Himalayan Salt

As it’s name implies, Himalayan salt comes from the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal.

The salts themselves are mineral salts have been stored underground in these mountains for millions of years and have retained their purity and are unrefined, with zero interference by outside toxins and metals, which may normally be found in ocean salt.

Himalayan salts contain 85% sodium chloride and the remaining 15% is derived from 84 trace minerals dated from ancient sea waters. The multitude of trace elements manifests physically into a pink color, hence the reason why these salts are pink.

Their cell structures are created in a way that they can easily store kinetic energy and be absorbed by our cells.




Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits

Himalayan salts provide a bounty of physical health benefits. Here they are:

  • Regulates the body’s water levels in order to maintain proper functioning.
  • Stabilizes pH acidic levels in the cells and brain.
  • Good for blood sugar levels.
  • Can minimize signs of aging.
  • Boosts your energy through cellular hydroelectric energy creation.
  • Helps your body absorb more food in your intestinal tract.
  • Keeps your blood vessels functioning healthy and normally thereby lessenening chances of high blood pressure.
  • Supports your respiratory system.
  • Fights and reduces sinus issues.
  • Less cramps.
  • Helps to make your bones stronger.
  • Capable of helping have normal sleep patterns.
  • Healthier sex drive.
  • Supports your circulatory system
  • Regulates kidney and gall bladder health.
  • When salts are used in baths, they can reinvigorate your body with the minerals that they need.


Also, much of the research out there seems to show evidence of many of these wonderful benefits.



Himalayan Salt VS Table Salt

Salt is an essential part of our diet.

We need salt to maintain our body’s fluid balance and our nerve and muscle functioning. However, table salt not only lacks the benefits of Himalayan salt, but it also is an unhealthier choice.

Because table salt is usually refined at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, all of the potential benefits of trace minerals that exist are zapped. In other words, they lose all possible nutrition that they could provide.

Furthermore,  97.5% of table salt contains sodium chloride and the remaining 2.5% consists of chemicals, including sugar. More toxins are absorbed by table salt since they originally are exposed to outside, toxic elements.

Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits


Given the processed and chemically-induced nature of table salt, it serves as no surprise that consuming lots of table salt can cause tissue irritation, water retention [since salt requires A LOT of cellular water to be neutralized], high blood pressure, rheumatism, arthritis, and kid & gallbladder issues, among others

If that wasn’t enough, many claim [as do I from personal experience] that Himalayan salt has at least a slightly more clean taste than regular table salt, though some may argue this.

The only advantage table salt may have against Himalayan salt is that it is slightly less expensive, though in many cases this is a minor marginal difference.

Taking all of this in mind, this clearly makes Himalayan salt the winner!





Question: Which Brand Should I Pick?

There are numerous brands of Himalayan salt out there.

Finding the best quality ones can be very difficult. However, after doing my own little research, I found one that has consistently stuck out in quality and in ratings:


Product: Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt

Price: Depending on the bag size, anywhere between appx. $6-$70. The bigger, the more expensive Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits

Cheapest Place to Buy: Prime Shipping! Ebay with free shipping

Tested: Yes. It’s yummy!

Guarantee: Good for 10 years

My Rating:  9/10


Sherpa Pink has one of the best reviews and top ratings that I have seen.

Their 100% pure natural pink salts are food grade. They can be used for food, gourmet, and baths, and they come in multiple sizes.

They also have a very reliable Kosher certification, which for salts can hard to come by, since additives can be added to salts like these.

Sherpa Pink also offers different quality multiple grain types and they can come in cool chef jars too.



The only con I could find was that they don’t offer the pink salt slabs that people can use to place food and to manually cut out the salt from.

I have had users of this salt that did not enjoy the taste. Others, like myself, have tried this salt and it tasted perfectly fine to me.



Final Verdict: Go With Sherpa & Enjoy The Benefits

In light of the above, I totally recommend Sherpa Pink as a high quality pink salt to use. It is one of the more natural, unprocessed pink salts that retains a ton of the above mentioned benefits that I mentioned.

Other good Himalayan salts I found were Original Himalayan Crystal Salt and Ancient Ocean, both of which are also very high quality and all natural pink salts.


But Sherpa is my favorite by far. Even over 2000 Amazon buyers agree with me.


Click on the picture below to see some of the thousands of reviews on this great pink salt product.



pink himalayan salt benefits


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