Homeopathy in New Jersey – The Office at Immedicenter

homeopathy in new jersey

Looking for homeopathy in New Jersey?

My New Jersey office is located at within Immedicenter, a prominent medical urgent-care clinic located in Clifton, NJ. I am generally seeing clients  there on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays.

Although I am not affiliated with Immedicenter, I do work within one of the clinic’s offices where I see my own clients and grow my practice. With that said, I also work with some of the clinic’s patients as well.

In conjunction with the clinic, I work with their patients to help ease them off medications and to offer a more natural and safe solution to their healthcare needs.


Homeopathy in New Jersey – The Clinic

The clinic itself has a large parking lot, both in front and in back of the building. There are entrances on both ends of the building, and clients can enter in either way.

homeopathy in new jersey

homeopathy in new jersey


homeopathy in new jersey


When you walk into the lobby, let the receptionist know that you are here. Until you are called, you can sit in the lobby, which looks like this:


homeopathy in new jersey

homeopathy in new jersey


The lobby has a TV and magazines as well as complimentary water, tea, and coffee. (ask the receptionist for tea and coffee).

Hint: grab any of the Refuah Homeopathy cards or brochures, lying around the clinic. You will earn a 10% discount!

She will let me know that you are here, and then I will come to the lobby to meet you.

This is what my office looks like:

homeopathy in new jersey

homeopathy in new jersey


Once you come in the office, you will fill out two short forms and then we will begin our appointment.



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Call (973) 778-2531 Ext. 122 to learn more about my practice and/or to schedule an appointment.

You can also text any questions or schedule an appointment directly to me at (646) 596-1884.

You can email me at refuahhomeopathy@gmail.com.

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