Staphysagria Homeopathic Remedy Benefits

staphysagria homeopathic remedy

The Staphysagria homeopathic remedy is made from the Stavesacre or Lice-Bane, a poisonous and hairy flower with long blue and purple leaves.

The plant grows throughout the Mediterranean Sea, and in order to survive, it needs to be supported by another object. or else the plant will easily fall over.

For centuries, it was used traditionally to treat lice.

In homeopathy, Staphysagria was one of the first remedies proved by it’s founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.



A Quick Preview

Watch this short video by expert homeopath Misha Norland, who gives a gist of what this remedy is good for:



Now, here are the mental, emotional, and physical issues that Staphysagria can deal with!




Indignation & Emotional Suppression

On the outside, a typical Staphysagria personality is very dignified and graceful.

He is well refined and has proper manners, and he has no desire to hurt other, although there may also be an inner haughtiness along with these characteristics.staphysagria homeopathic remedy

However the inside is a lot different.

People needing Staphysagria have a lot of inner anger and indignation that they hang on to.

They can have this from any cause, such as from an insult, embarrassment, grief, or a breakup.

If they feel that someone has crossed them, angered them, or violated their territory or even their physical bodies, they will suppress their anger or any other emotions that they may have

In order to protect their dignified image, they hold in their indignation.

But from time to time, if anyone angers them or constantly annoys them too much, they won’t be able to contain their emotions for too long, and then they will EXPLODE in anger.

You don’t want to be around Staphysagrias when they get “pissed.” They will become very irritable.



Sexuality As a Release

staphysagria homeopathic remedyA Staphysagria indignation is very dangerous, as it can lead to more trouble than just anger.

Because they have no outlet for this emotional suppression, they may uncontrollably resort to sexuality as a release for their emotional tension.

They will engage in a lot of sexual activity such as masturbation, to relieve their stress.

Their thoughts will always be on sexual desire and sexual fantasies. This can lead to wet dreams and vivd, clear dreams that involve sex.

At the same time, they feel so guilty about having these thoughts or engaging in these activities. They try to suppress their sexuality along with their emotions, but they constantly fail.

This constant, inner, failing struggle inside the mind of a Staphysagria can have severe effects on them. They can feel depressed or have very low self-esteem.



Physical Effects of the Emotional Troubles

All of the emotional suppression in a typical Staphysagria patient has direct staphysagria homeopathic remedyeffects on the physical body, as in other mind-body connections.


Besides for the high sex drive and frequent masturbation, a lot of these suppressive issues are manifested in the urinary organs.


This can lead to urinary problems such as:


Their body will also express it’s emotional suppression in other ways too.

They may start to get headaches from indignation, with head sensations as if there’s a round ball on the forehead.

Twitching in the face or eyelids can also happen too.

Interestingly, they are also worse from naps. This is because when they sleep, their subconscious mind brings up suppressed feelings and thoughts. Their control on their own conscious is released.

Other side effects of suppression in a person needing Staphysagria can be psoriasis or vita-logo, both of which can happen after grief.



Staphysagria Children

For children, Staphysagria can help them with many of the psychological and physical issues mentioned earlier.staphysagria homeopathic remedy

In cases where children have ailments as a result from their parents’ divorce, Staphysagria can really help.

Staphysagria is also known to strengthen crumbling teeth in children, as well as cavities to the gum-line and nerve pain on the teeth.


Other Possible Physical Symptoms

Staphysagria can also assist in easing these ailments as well:


  • Styes.
  • Eye tumors.
  • Eye hardening.



My Experience

In my personal life, as well as in the lives of both family members and clients, I have consistently seen Staphysagria help with suppressive emotional issues, indignation, urinary problems, surgery, and many of the other issues mentioned earlier.

Many people say that when taking Staphysagria, they start to feel more relaxed and calm. They don’t hang on to negativity from others, which in turns leads to easier urinations and the relaxing of the rest of the body.

When used in the right potency (depending on the person), it can really help a lot!


Acute Uses

Staphysagria is well known for its use in these acute situations:

staphysagria homeopathic remedy


  • Severe grief.
  • For any type of sexual, verbal, or physical abuse.
  • Going through a tough divorce, whether for a parent or child.
  • Great post operation surgery remedy for cleaning painful, intense surgical wounds that aren’t healing, especially in vasectomies, incisions, scape cuts, or C-sections.
  • Nerve pain on the teeth.
  • Any acute urinary issues.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (P.I.D.)
  • H.P.V.


Interested in the Staphysagria Homeopathic Remedy?


To learn more about this remedy and to check out personal reviews, click here.



staphysagria homeopathic remedy




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  2. My husband has so much negative energy around him- I can feel it emanating from his being. Yet on the surface he appears calm. He syas he “Never gets angry”. But he is very negative.
    Typically he will never initiate anything but when others do it, he will criticise them and point out faults.
    He always anticipates things to go wrong.
    I’m tired of trying to bring positivity in our lives.
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