How To Remove Dandruff With Home Remedies Effectively

remove dandruff with home remedies

sDandruff occurs due to an imbalance in the process of removing dead cells in the scalp. This results in unsightly and annoying white or yellowish particles appearing all over your hair. It is imperative to eliminate dandruff and prevent the development of other hair conditions. In this uncommon article, we show you some natural products that can be useful to end this problem. Discover below how to remove dandruff with home remedies – the most effective, economical and natural way! Read More

How To Get Rid Of Itchy Feet With Home Remedies

Get Rid Of Itchy Feet With Home Remedies

One of the most frustrating and annoying problems that one has to deal with is having itchy feet. The fact that it seemingly occurs only in inopportune moments (driving, working at the office) is reason enough to ruin your entire day. The medical term for this issue is ‘’pruritus’’. While this condition can occur anywhere on the skin, the feet are especially prone to it because various types of footwear combined with sweat create the optimal conditions for it to develop. The most common causes are irritants (especially if you are walking barefoot or wearing sandals), moisture, dry, damp environments that dry the skin and viruses, parasites or fungi. Even though itchy feet are rarely caused by serious medical problems, you have no reason not to address it as soon as it appears. Here is how to get rid of itchy feet with home remedies: Read More

Killing The Flu With Plants

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Killing The Flu With Plants

Everyone scurries around like cockroaches in full panic mode. Why you ask? Each morning, people come across yet a new article about tons of people suddenly dropping dead from the infamous influenza. Mothers are locking their little ones and themselves inside their houses.

Nurses are sprinting around from one room to the other in flu masks. Tons of people are hectically driving to their nearest Walgreens or CVS to get their flu shot. People are going mad over this influenza outbreak, however; it’s spreading much more quickly than the CDC is comfortable with.

I am not trying to frighten you all into a heart attack even more than you probably are over this outbreak. I simply am a realist and am only stating my observations. However, what if I told you that you can roundhouse kick the flu’s butt without the sketchy medicine known as Tamiflu?

Read More

5 Home Remedies For Chest Congestion

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home remedies for chest congestion

Illness, allergies, and environment all have the potential to cause chest congestion. Whether it is a few days event or lasts a few weeks, it can be frustrating. Once you know your congestion is not caused by a serious cause needing a medical visit, you can tackle it using any of these five home remedies for chest congestion.  Read More


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