They believe nothing burns like the cold. Well, that’s pretty much true, and we won’t contradict with it either. Winter brings itself the stiff breeze and gets us more inclined towards bold hues. This switching of the season seems pleasant and brings with itself the language of romance.

While there’s so much to adore about winters. But there are some pitfalls of the season too, to which we certainly can’t turn a blind eye. With some jaw-dropping fun, winter brings some really annoying scaliness, flakiness and also increased appetite. That results in adding up a lot of weight and extra pounds to our bodies.

Here’s how you can get a bang out of it without falling prey to any of the downsides of the mushy season.


A cold wintry night paired up with a hot shower and a hot, smoky cup of mocha.

Giving us thrill shocks already!

Things seem to turn up steamier. Hot showers are one of the most tempting things to have in winters. But did you know every time you indulge in it? The cost is your skin, even your hair too.

Hot showers steal moisture from our skin and hair, leaving it dull, lacking for moisture.

Therefore to compensate for the parched skin.

We at Revounts suggest incorporating some emulsions after such sessions. Revounts has a genre of beauty brands available on reductions that can cater to your skincare needs that also on a budget.


Stick to the rules of staying hydrated. Regardless of the season. Hydration leads to good skin and even better metabolism. So make sure you hydrate yourself well. Locking in hydration is key to flaunt good skin as well as good health. To keep that in check, stay committed to drinking good 8 to 10 glasses of water.

Accelerate your hydration in winters.By making emulsions and moisturizers a crucial part of your regime. Skipping on them will cause rough, scaly skin to chap and crack, and over time, it will lose its protective barrier.

To ensure moisture is sealed deep down the pores. Revounts has some got its Aussie buddies some top-notch moisturizers from a slew of brands that also on discounts.


Winter grants that cozy comfort of warm coverlets and cushiony beds. That makes us feel lethargic.

Furthermore, this season of warmth and pleasure results in putting on a few more kilos to our already chubby bodies appearing more zaftig. As the hunger cravings are more flared up in the season, it is necessary to eat in portions.

Bulkier peers must have endured this trait of winters as it massively impacts them the most.

Increased appetite and frequent munching on edibles is what turns to shed kilos into a nightmare.

Ensure you practice minimalism while eating. Breaking down your meals into portions can be opted to tape up excessive snaking. Revounts has brought up munching options are tummy-filling but not fattening. All that in your access, just online shopping coupons away.


Winters raise the bar for us to dress like a charm. Bold hues make the hustle-bustle of winters even more captivating. Shop for better and brighter hues to get dressed to the teeth with Revounts on rebates.

Hence wrapping oneself up in warmer fabrics seems nice and feels comfy. The cold breeze brings with it a nostalgic feel and flashbacks of the golden era. But at the same time, the season alerts us to switch to warmer and thicker clothing’s to make sure none of us catches any symptoms of a cold.


Prone to seasonal allergies? Be it cold, flu or fever you can laugh in the face of these casualties. Just by swearing by a few must-do approaches in the winter season:

  • When faced with a lull or drowsiness get flu shots ASAP.
  • Add vitamin C to your daily diet plan.
  • Break a leg to shed and sweat those toxins out.


Parched skin lacking for moisture that seems dull need some moisture retention. That can help it regain its moisture barrier so it can look plumper and softer again, just as soft as a marshmallow.

Omega 3 is the main fatty acid that recompenses for the continually losing moisture of the body. Plus it is reported that people consuming flax-seeds (packed with Omega 3), aren’t more prone to depressive sessions comparatively to those not consuming it. You can also add supplements by availing discounts at Revounts.


Couple of us tends to overlook that breaking a leg is a must to maintain healthy life patterns. Other than releasing toxins from your body.

Exercising regularly can keep a lot of cardiovascular diseases at bay. Integrate aerobics to your regimen to boost immunity and strengthen bones. Furthermore exercising moderately promotes better stamina. In a wrap, exercising helps to stave off many other health issues.

It’s better to initiate exercising from now on. Swear by this, and you will surely thank us in your 40’s.


Having 7 to 8 hours of sleep is pivotal, to perform day to day tasks. Incorporate cues to make bedtime more soothing and relaxing.

Try bringing in air purifiers to clear out toxins from your dorm room to get the air cleansed from any allergens and pollutants.

Having those 7 to 8 hours of sleep can help you work and perform with a boom — also, the habit of sleeping tight aids in increased immunity. Or shop for pink salt lamps on Revounts and sleep tight on rebates.

Make a compelling aura to sleep. Try turning off bright lights and turn on side table lamps instead. Switch to calmer and softer lights, plus invest in best quality bedsheet and pillows so that you can experience luxury, warmth and comfort to tranquillize and rest.


Implementing anti-social acts aren’t actually good for your health. It’s okay to isolate yourself when you’re not well. But doing it with the intention to stay away from the hustle-bustle of the crowd. Hence cutting off is not a wise decision.

Socializing and broadening the frame of your social circle can benefit you in the long run. Hence you get better health gradually as laughter helps recover better and faster from any sort of illness. Socializing proves to be a saviour to burst unlimited peals of laughter and awkwardness to our lives.

According to a research conducted. Going out and hobnobbing release more flu-fighting antibodies than an influenza vaccine do.


Shying away from the sun almost all your life? Here’s what you need to add up to your books of knowledge. Safe sun exposure is notorious among the pop-culture for its multitude of benefits. Besides adoring the sun-kissed sheen, the people of west enjoy running a bath of the sun.

It elevates the mood and regulates hormone serotonin in the blood. That is also named as the hormone of happiness. Just bear in mind slather SPF and enjoy being a glow goddess in the sun. The sun primarily promotes healthy immunity also compensates the need for Vitamin D. Smart sun exposure never hurts.

Go enjoy sun in winters!


Introducing these do’s to your lifestyle will level up your skincare and health game this winter, and every winter you stick to the rules of health. All the practices jotted above are a no-brainer and barely burdens an individual. It’s just that, all of it calls for a little dedication to the cause to ace a fine healthy body this winter.

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