Reasons Why You Should Start Jogging

Reasons Why You Should Start Jogging

26.10.2016 | 11:32

Summary: Know reasons why you should start jogging and begin workout today to keep your body fit and have a good health.


freedom health

FREEDOM HEALTH ALERT!! Protect Your Healthcare Rights Now

21.9.2016 | 11:30

This morning, I received a very interesting freedom health email from a great homeopathic mentor of mine, Robert Field. What he sent regarding the future of our healthcare system in the United States is nothing short of frightening:


sulphur homeopathic remedy

Sulphur Homeopathic Remedy: Given The Most In Homeopathy

16.9.2016 | 12:51

If you have ever studied or even just heard anything about homeopathy, you’ve most likely have heard about the Sulphur homeopathic remedy.

Sulphur is our most prescribed polycrest in all of homeopathy. This means that it is one of the few homeopathic remedies that has a very wide variety of uses. (more…)

Wisdom Tooth Pain Remedy

My Wisdom Tooth Pain Remedy: A Personal Story

12.9.2016 | 14:52

Looking for an extremely safe and effective wisdom tooth pain remedy? Then thank goodness that you found this article right now! (more…)

top 5 eczema treatments

Top 5 Eczema Treatments That Are Homeopathic – REAL Case Included!

2.9.2016 | 15:16

In this post, I want to share with you the top 5 eczema treatments that are homeopathic and really work. (more…)

homeopathic remedies menopause

ATTENTION LADIES! Homeopathic Remedies: Menopause

23.8.2016 | 14:04

Did you just Google “homeopathic remedies menopause” and come to this page? You just came to the right resource on how homeopathy can greatly assist women during their menopause. (more…)

nux vomica uses in homeopathy

My Personal Acute Nux Vomica Uses in Homeopathy: Real Stories

29.7.2016 | 13:17

The acute uses of Nux Vomica in homeopathy are well known and documented in homeopathic literature and even research as well.  Many people know about the Nux Vomica uses in homeopathy whether from a friend, family member, homeopath, or even medical doctor. (more…)