homeopathic remedies menopause

ATTENTION LADIES! Homeopathic Remedies: Menopause

23.8.2016 | 14:04

Did you just Google “homeopathic remedies menopause” and come to this page? You just came to the right resource on how homeopathy can greatly assist women during their menopause. (more…)

nux vomica uses in homeopathy

My Personal Acute Nux Vomica Uses in Homeopathy: Real Stories

29.7.2016 | 13:17

The acute uses of Nux Vomica in homeopathy are well known and documented in homeopathic literature and even research as well.  Many people know about the Nux Vomica uses in homeopathy whether from a friend, family member, homeopath, or even medical doctor. (more…)

natural remedies for cellulitis

The Most Effective Natural Remedies For Cellulitis – Without Conventional Drugs

20.7.2016 | 10:33

With the growth of homeopathy and other natural solutions around the world today, many people are seeking more natural health solutions for their chronic skin issues. A big example is the growing demand of natural remedies for cellulitis. (more…)

Nux Moschata Homeopathic Remedy

Nux Moschata Homeopathic Remedy: Rare But Overlooked Uses

15.7.2016 | 16:22

The Nux Moschata homeopathic remedy is originally made from nutmeg, an egg-like seed that produces the Myristica species of trees that grows in Indonesia.

In its herbal, non-homeopathic form, it’s known to be an easily available hallucinogen with psychotropic effects such as mild intoxication and deep sleep. If consumed, it can cause dizziness, sluggishness, dry mouth, and nausea followed by extreme giddiness. It’s commonly used as a recreational drug in India.


homeopathy for weight loss

Homeopathy Treatment For Weight Loss?!

5.7.2016 | 12:13

Lately, I have been asked by patients and online fans if I can provide homeopathy treatment for weight loss. Whether they have or don’t have other issues or symptoms affecting them in their lives, they seem to present this as one of their top issues. (more…)


21.6.2016 | 11:10

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Inner Peace?! Relaxation?! Really?!

In this day and age life moves at such a fast pace, we hardly have a moment to breathe, let alone create some sort of ‘inner peace or relaxation’. (more…)

how to take homeopathic remedies

How To Take Homeopathic Remedies Properly

15.6.2016 | 17:13

It’s easy to learn how to take homeopathic remedies, yet it can get complicated if not done the right way. (more…)