How Can Those with Chronic Pain Know They’re Addicted To Painkillers?

addicted to painkillers

If you suffer from chronic pain, the odds are good that you have been prescribed painkillers from your doctor to help manage the pain. The problem with these drugs, however, is that while they help with temporary pain management, they are also highly addictive. Opioid pain medications are addictive to the point that a percentage of patients who become addicted to painkillers later move on to heroin to satisfy their addiction. Read More

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WARNING! New Strawberry Quick Drug That Parents Should Know About!

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Strawberry Quick Drug

My blog is a natural health blog that is dedicated to providing its followers with effective, safe, and inexpensive natural remedies as well as research and wellness tips. From time to time however, this blog occasionally posts health warnings that can greatly affect the public. This one regarding the strawberry quick drug is no exception. Read More

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Clinical Drug Addiction Assessment: Homeopathy Helps

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In my previous article, I wrote about the significance and effectiveness of certain homeopathic remedies in treating various drug addictions. Whether the issues stem from alcohol, marijuana, or other types of substance abuse, Homeopathy can single handedly tackle them all.

And yes, the clinical research out there does indeed prove it, contrary to what skeptics claim [usually without a logical or open0-minded basis].

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Alternative Drug Therapy – Interested?

alternative drug therapy

In today’s world, we are plagued by a host of recreational drugs and substances, such as alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine, among others, requiring the rise of both conventional and alternative drug therapy.

Although recreational drug and alcohol use has always existed, its usage has exponentially increased and spread to a larger crowd in today’s times.

It has even gone to the point where even young adolescents (or even younger) engage with these substances. What once was considered to be the issues of college or “at worst” high school students, now is becoming even an issue among middle school students.

Not to mention the fact that many children, who may not even smoke, sniff, or drink anything, live with parents who do.

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