Diabetes doesn’t have to mean an end to a delicious diet. Instead, it can be the beginning of a wonderful journey as you broaden and enrich your meals in a healthy way. Here are four tips to adjusting your eating habits for diabetes without having to say goodbye to enjoying food.

Eat Up

Just because you are managing diabetes doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. If anything, starving yourself will only lead to more temptation to cheat. Instead, load up on the right kinds of foods, like vegetables, nuts, whole wheat, and legumes. You’ll feel full and load up on nutrition that doesn’t adversely affect your blood sugar.

Dare to Drink

If soda was a go-to drink, it can be hard to quit and stick with just water. Instead of trying to go cold turkey, invest in carbonated water. There are also numerous no-calorie coffees and teas that make the perfect caffeine options. If you’re still hoping for more options, look in your local stores for calorie-free flavor packets you can put in your water. Often sweetened, these are a fantastic way to still enjoy a sweet flavor without putting your blood sugar at risk.

Fix up Fruit

Dessert is still something you can and should indulge in. Forego the pastries, however, in favor of the plums. Make fruit salads of what’s in season and enjoy the health benefits. From fiber to vitamins and minerals, you’ll feel far better after your fruit salad than after any other dessert you could imagine. In addition, calories from fruit are hardly empty, meaning you’ll soon find yourself with a smaller waist and less of a need to head to the ankle doctor.

Embrace the Whole

Because whole wheat uses all parts of the wheat when ground up and made, it is much higher in fiber and slower to digest, helping reduce spikes in blood sugar. Oats, whole wheat pasta, and brown rice are all fantastic. Just remember to not confuse “multigrain” with “whole grain.” Multigrain only uses multiple types of grain, not the entire grain.

Once you get the hang of it, keeping your diabetes under control is easy. All it takes are a few adjustments to the diet and you’ll find yourself an expert in dodging the damaging foods in no time.

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