Eating healthy foods is always important, but especially when you’re pregnant. Suddenly, it’s not just one life you’re sustaining, but two. This means it is all the more important to have a proper intake of necessary nutrients. But what foods are most essential during those critical nine months? Here are four foods you’d be smart to incorporate into your diet during your pregnancy.

Lean Meat

Lean meat provides iron and protein, both of which are essentially for you and your growing baby. The protein supplies the amino acids that go into building the baby’s cells. It also stabilizes your blood sugar, which keeps you from feeling excessively hungry. The iron, meanwhile, helps develop red blood cells in the baby and wards off anemia in the mother.


This delightful fruit is more than just tasty and fashionable. It is also excellent during pregnancies because of the high amount of folate. Folate helps promote the growth of healthy tissues in the baby. It can also lessen the severity of dreaded morning sickness. From guacamole eaten with tortillas to sliced avocado on sandwiches, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this superfood to avoid boredom during your pregnancy.


For nutritious pregnancy snacks, look no farther than a healthy bag of nuts. Nuts are packed with essential vitamins, from magnesium to Vitamin E, that help keep both baby and mother strong. They’ve also got an abundance of protein and healthy fats. Since they’re so easy to take on the road, there’s no reason to ever leave home without them.


When people meditate on the health benefits of eggs, they often think of protein. And while protein, with all its aforementioned benefits, is indeed one of the reasons eggs make for such great pregnancy food, it is not their only benefit. Eggs also contain vitamin D, which is not found in many foods. This essential vitamin helps a baby develop healthy bones and teeth, while decreasing the chances for gestational diabetes. Eggs are also easy to prepare in a number of diverse ways, meaning you won’t get bored from nine months of eating them.

A successful pregnancy is about more than just finding a good obstetrician. It also requires an assiduous attention to what you put into your body. Certain foods have nutrients that make them excellent for mothers and babies. The four foods above should feature heavily in any pregnancy diet.

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