It’s common knowledge that sports are good for your health. Other than improving your overall physical well-being, they can do wonders for your mental health as well. But, how do you choose a sport? Well, if you’re a fan of team sports, you can always go for football, basketball or volleyball. However, if team sports aren’t exactly your cup of tea and you’re looking for something that’s physically equally challenging, yet fun, you should try tennis. With some talent and a lot of hard work, perhaps you can be the next Serena Williams or Novak Đoković. However, even if you don’t get filthy rich from playing tennis, there are still some excellent reasons for you to give this sport a chance. Here are some of them.

It keeps you fit

It keeps you fit

While playing tennis, you get to do a lot of running, but also swinging and swiveling. All of these mean that you don’t really get to stand around resting during a game, and all that movement enables your body to burn calories. If your partner is good at tennis, and they keep you on your toes throughout the entire match, you can get a more intense exercise than what you normally get from cycling, swimming or jogging. And as you exercise so fiercely, it’s only logical that you can reduce your body fat this way. Plus, with all the fun you’ll be having, you won’t even notice how quickly you lose the extra weight.

It strengthens your muscles

Tennis lets you exercise your entire body. Your lower body does an enormous amount of work while you run around, jump and crouch, trying to get to the ball, while your upper back and shoulders do their part when you hit the ball. In the meantime, the workout gets your heart pumping faster and harder, which means that your muscles receive more nutrients and oxygen. This encourages them to perform better and can keep them from fatiguing fast. In short, playing tennis makes your muscles stronger and healthier, and this includes your heart.

It builds up flexibility

It builds up flexibility

If you’re really doing your best to play well, tennis will make you use your entire body. Your feet have to get you in the exactly the right spot for your arms to hit the ball with the racquet, while your legs in combination with your torso give you the power necessary to send the ball exactly as far as you want it to go. This makes you more flexible, but it also promotes good balance and coordination. One important thing is that you stretch before and after each match and that your clothes provide you with the freedom to move. They should also be comfortable and breathable, since otherwise it will be more difficult to play for as long as necessary. While men will most likely do their best in shorts and a tennis shirt, women can combine their top or tank with a soft and stretchy tennis skirt from TennisGear which can help you stay dry and focused on your game, rather than on the discomfort you feel due to inadequate clothing.

It enhances your brain power

It enhances your brain power

Tennis doesn’t only provide good exercise for your body, but for your brain as well. In fact, in order to play it properly, it forces your brain to think critically and tactically, be creative and stay alert at all times. The connections this makes in your brain mean that the more often you hit the court, the stronger and more improved your neural connections become with regards to these activities. This also means that, the more you play tennis, the better you get at it. Furthermore, when your physical workout encourages you to think hard and in the nick of time, it can actually help you increase your memory, social skills, as well as your behavior.

As simple as playing tennis may seem when you watch it on TV, this sport encompasses physical strength, endurance, stamina and good concentration. This means that, if you play tennis regularly, your body will become fitter and more flexible, while your mind will become sharper. So, when you think about it, you should already be on that court, shouldn’t you?

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