As opposed to the common assumption that toxins are dark smokes; in reality, it is much different. For starters, in most homes, there are more toxins in the interior than the exterior. This article will shed light on four hidden toxins to get rid of in your home.

Flame Retardants

Almost every product found in a modern household features a flame retardant component. The primary purpose of the coating is to slow down the spread of fire in case of an outbreak. Although that is a positive way of looking at it, we cannot ignore the effects it has on kids.

Flame retardants are everywhere; in the air, you breathe, the food you eat, or water you drink. Maintaining adequate ventilation and frequently dusting the place is a way to go about it.


Most often than not, you will find yourself needing the services of a pesticide in your home. What you do not know is that some of the elements are toxic to your body and can last in the environment long. If not dealt with, it causes cancer.

To avoid such elements in your home, always opt for vegan. It will be one way of getting rid of toxins in your home. Residential mold removal services might go a long way in eliminating these toxins.


Electric and Magnetic fields (EMFs) are non-visible energy fields, mostly from electrical power sources. Have you ever noticed the TV misbehave once you turn on the microwave, which is the effect of the microwaves? Just as they affect other signals, they do affect the body’s energetic field. They produce all sorts of radiation that damages humans DNA.

Disconnecting your Wi-Fi at night and sleeping away from your phone during the day are a few steps to eliminate these toxins.


Phthalates are the component used in plastics to make it softer and pliable. Every day we get to interact with dozens of plastic items, exposing all of us to these toxins. Substitute plastic for wood, and get rid of these hidden toxins.

Have these toxins to get rid of in your home surprised you? There are several steps to dealing with each of them; take action quickly! There may be more hidden toxins than this in your home, so be informed. 

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