A daily yoga practice is about more than flexibility and strength. With a frequent yoga habit, you can learn to manage stress, develop mental calmness and focus, and learn new ways to center and relax no matter your environment.

Add Music

To make your yoga practice personal, consider adding some music to the program. It might be something to help you focus at the beginning of your practice or something soothing to turn on at the end of your practice. Be ready to change this up to help you expand your focus as your practice becomes more habitual.

Block Out Time

Be sure to silence your phone and if possible, lock the door to your yoga space or make sure that people in the vicinity know that you don’t want to be interrupted. If possible, set the timer on your phone so you can sneak away for even a few minutes to help you calm and soothe your mind and body. If you’re in class, make space and time for socializing before and after, but during your yoga practice, simply focus on the challenge you find in the poses and the release as you overcome them.

Designate Your Gear

Invest in yoga gear and clothing that make you feel amazing. A useful yoga practice is more than a workout. Instead of wearing ordinary workout clothes, be sure that your practice includes the chance to wear comfortable, breathable garments that make it easy to see your extension and the quality of your poses. Be ready to invest in a quality yoga mat and be sure to get yourself a strap and block that will be easy to transport in your yoga bag. Add a set of mala beads to your yoga outfit or wear them outside your yoga practice to help you focus, breathe and relax.

Make Room for Classes

Do you practice on your own or participate in a yoga class? Make sure that once you find a practitioner you enjoy that you stick with them. Alter your schedule to attend their classes or see if they can recommend another teacher to you if you simply can’t attend some classes. If yoga was easy, it wouldn’t be a practice. Being able to work directly with a teacher that inspires you is critical to your enjoyment and benefit.

No matter how crazy life gets, making room for a quality yoga class is critical to anyone attempting to build health, strength and balance with this practice. You may need to rearrange portions of your life to make space for yoga, but you are worth it.

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