When you think of the orthodontist, you may envision a face full of metal braces. While this image isn’t inaccurate, today’s holistic orthodontists are working to create a different picture of orthodontics. Holism isn’t just for your home life. As more and more orthodontists start practicing holistic orthodontics, you’ll be able to treat your teeth holistically as well. Read on for ways orthodontists are applying more holistic methods to their practices.

Use Minimally-Invasive Treatments

So many people fear going to the orthodontist due to the common practice of using painful dental treatments. From the annoying X-ray process, to the blinding pain of braces, it makes sense for people to fear the orthodontist. However, orthodontists that choose the holistic method opt for minimally invasive treatments. These treatments focus on the patient’s body as a whole rather than only targeting the specific problem. This practice works to avoid causing you unnecessary pain that make each visit to the orthodontist unbearable.

Treat Only with Non-Toxic Materials

It makes sense that you’d only want non-toxic materials to go in your body. With holistic orthodontics, you will be able to avoid the traditional dental practices that involve mercury crowns or fillings, as well as similar harmful treatments. Holistic orthodontists make it a point to use materials that are just as durable and sturdy but completely healthy for the body.

Treat the System

Too many times, a visit to the orthodontist is simply a way to solve a problem or “treat the symptom”. Instead of treating patients based on their problems, holistic orthodontists focus on treating what created the problem. For example, if you are on your way to the orthodontist to straighten your teeth, a practitioner of holistic orthodontics will want to look at the problem as a whole rather than simply at the fact that your teeth are crooked.

Orthodontists Can See Patients as Individuals

It is common to feel like just another patient when you visit the orthodontist. However, instead of being just another mouth, to a holistic orthodontist, you’ll be treated as an individual. Holistic orthodontists take the time to get to know their patients as people, rather than simply treating their problems without actually getting to know them.

Despite what opinions you may already have about dentistry, holism and orthodontics go well together. By choosing to make your choice in orthodontists part of your holistic lifestyle, you’ll be able to experience the life-changing power of dental care that treats your whole body.

About the author

Ariel Baradarian

Ariel Baradarian, CCH is an experienced holistic certified homeopathic practitioner with success in addressing a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical ailments in men, women, and children of all stripes. He works both alongside local medical and integrative doctors and their patients as well as with his own growing, global private practice, both in person in his office in Queens, NY and globally via video chat sessions. Ariel is also a natural health blogger and chief editor of naturalholistichomeopathic.com, which is dedicated to helping others heal on all levels using various types of natural healing, including homeopathy. In addition, he is the New York Producer of the Vibrant Living Network, an inspiring organization dedicated to promoting a community natural and holistic health, mindful consciousness, relational intelligence and more!

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