We are naturally exposed to an increasing level of toxins that enter our body in a variety of everyday ways. They can be absorbed through the skin, ingested in our diet and even inhaled by the simple act of breathing. Over time, these toxins build up even in spite of our body’s best efforts to rid toxins from our symptoms and keep up functioning at optimal health levels. This leaves our bodies overwhelmed with stored-up toxins. Try these four simple measures to help your body get rid of built-up toxins for overall good health.

Kick off the Day with Lemon

Start every day with a glass of water that contains the juice from half a squeezed lemon. The lemon juice kick starts the digestive juices that start the detoxification process, priming the rest of your body to gear up to detox and cleanse. Lemon juice also helps make your entire body become more alkaline. You can also use a few tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar with the lemon juice or in place of it.

Eliminate Processed Foods

Ridding your diet of processed foods, sugar and high-sodium foods is one of the most effective ways to eliminate built-up toxins in your body. Toxins that come from our everyday diet are the ones that build up the fastest, slowing down the overall process of eliminating toxins. The more processed foods you can eliminate, the better your organs will be at cleansing toxins out of your body and working at full capacity.

Add Brassicas to Your Diet

Brassicas, also known as cruciferous vegetables, are a large group that includes veggies like cauliflower, broccoli and kale. Most brassicas have a mildly bitter aftertaste when eaten raw, yet it is extremely easy to bring out their natural flavor and sweetness with various cooking methods. Brassicas are packed with nutrition and contain specific phytonutrients that ramp up your body’s detoxification system in a very powerful way. Brassicas are sometimes recommended in diets of people with liver or kidney issues that are seeking healing along with dialysis treatment options.

Drink More Pure Water

Last but not least, no matter what amount of research you do on detoxifying your body, you will find drinking more water at the top of the list of recommendations. Things like caffeine, processed foods and alcohol all contribute to dehydration, hindering the body from being able to filter toxins as it should. Additionally, your brain is comprised of more than 80% water, meaning that dehydration impairs your cognitive levels as well as your body’s ability to rid itself of toxins.

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