When you have a vision problem, your optometrist may prescribe gas permeable contact lenses. These contact lenses are often required when you need a stronger prescription or have astigmatism, but the items do require more care than softer contact lenses do. As you are adjusting to these lenses, you must learn how to care for the items, and also, you should take proper care of your eyes. Here are five comfort tips for your new gas permeable contact lenses.

Learn How to Clean the Lenses Correctly

Your optometrist will teach you how to clean the lens correctly so that you won’t have as much discomfort along with preventing an infection in the eyes. There are different types of cleaning solutions that you can buy to clean the lenses several times a day, and you must understand how to do this without damaging the items. You can use drops in your eyes for lubrication, but make sure that the product is formulated for using with contact lenses.

Proper Insertion and Removal

You must practice inserting and removing the gas permeable contact lenses properly without harming your eyes. This can take time to learn when you have poor vision, and the lenses will likely feel strange at first. You will have excessive eye watering when you place the lens on your eyes, but with time, this problem will decline. Make sure that your hands are 100% clean before you remove or insert the contact lens.

Eliminate the Allergens and Dust in Your Home

Dust and allergens in your home will make your eyes feel itchy, and the debris will filter into your eyes or on the contact lenses. Contact professional HVAC services to clean your home’s ductwork along with the cooling and heating equipment. By changing the filters in the air conditioner and furnace, you can avoid irritating your eyes with particles of pollen or dust. Dust is one of the main irritators to your eyes. Make sure that you have a humidifier if your home is dry in the winter.

Keep Your Case Clean

It is essential to keep the case clean when you are storing your contact lenses. This involves washing the case thoroughly each day before adding the soaking solution to the item. You may want to have multiple cases for storing the contact lens, so you should clean each of these items each day to avoid any contamination.

Don’t Wear the Contact Lenses at Night

You should never wear your contact lenses at night because it is bad for your eyes and the contact lenses. Your optometrist will tell you how many hours that you can wear the contact lenses each day, and you should follow this recommendation to avoid having any eye problems. Make sure that you moisturize your eyes as directed by your optometrist to get extra comfort when they are off. A pair of glasses can help relieve some of the discomfort before you go to bed, but want to get things done.

Regular Eye Examinations

Make sure to continue seeing your optometrist on a regular basis, and if you have any problems with your eyes, then make an emergency appointment. When you have pain while wearing your contact lenses, stop wearing the items and switch back to wearing your eyeglasses.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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