Eye irritation is a very common issue. From common allergies and simple eye strain to potentially-serious medical conditions, there are any number of reasons that may cause eye irritation. Knowing more about the most common reasons why your eyes may be irritated can allow you to address the issue more easily and effectively.

Dry Skin

Red eyes or an itching sensation are not uncommon should the skin near and around the eyes begin to dry out. Adding more humidity to the environment, applying lotions or other topical moisturizers or making an effort to drink more water can help to correct the problem.


Eye irritation is one of the most common symptoms of a mild allergic reaction. From plant pollen to animal dander, constant problems with eye irritation could mean that you are suffering from an allergy you didn’t even know about. Taking an antihistamine or identifying the source of your allergy can go a long way towards providing you with the relief you seek.

Dry Eyes

Tear ducts that do not produce enough moisture can lead to chronic eye irritation. You may think you just need generic artificial tears, but you may have an underlying condition that may have dry eyes as a side effect. Discussing dry eye treatment options with a physician and ophthalmologist is often the best way to approach this issue. Medications and other procedures and treatment options may be necessary in order to address the problem.

Eye Irritants

Environmental irritants like smoke, dust or even chemicals uses in various cleaning products are another common cause of dry, red or irritated eyes. Proper ventilation and adequate air quality can help to address these issues. Identifying which products, agents or chemicals may be causing eye irritation can also be an important concern.

Medical Conditions

Chronic eye irritation may also be an indication of an underlying medical condition like Rheumatoid arthritis or Sjögren’s syndrome. Even the bacteria that causes dandruff may lead to a condition known as blepharitis, which is characterized by chronic eye irritation. Seeking help from a doctor or other medical professional can be an important step towards identifying and treating an underlying medical condition.

Dry, irritated eyes can be very uncomfortable, especially in situations involving severe irritation or chronic problems. From simple eye stain and common allergies to more serious medical conditions, finding and addressing the root cause of the problem is not a matter that should be taken lightly. Finding relief for dry eyes, inflammation or other problems can be much easier once the underlying cause has been identified.

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