There is more to cannabis than merely smoking marijuana. While it is true that healing comes with inhaling the ingredients that make up marijuana, the cannabis plant comes equipped with healing properties that extend beyond settling the mind. You can use cannabis for cooking, decorating, and apparel. Here are five quick tips on how to get the most out of cannabis in your life.

Use the seeds for cooking, beauty, and artistry

Hemp seeds make for great oils as well as a dietary supplement. In fact, those pursuing plant-based diets may find that the nutrients their bodies need the most are found in hemp. You can also use hemp seed oil to create beautiful paintings for loved ones as well as to oil your body. Some even find the nut portion of hemp beneficial for making beverages and granola mixtures. You can just consider cannabis as your go-to oil when extracted from seed form.

Use cannabis for other decorations

In addition to serving as oil for paintings, cannabis serves as a foundation for animal bedding. Imagine your cat resting soundly throughout the night instead of running around the room during the wee hours of the morning. Such is possible when you use cannabis leaves to make your furry friend a bed. You do not have to worry about what your cats and dogs are exposed to when you make their beds from scratch. Why not offer them a way to peace through the healing properties found in cannabis leaves?

Use cannabis to make clothes

Are you a parent who believes that things from nature are the best options for your kids? Then you will love what the stalk of the cannabis plant can do! You can make diapers as well as other fabrics from the cannabis plant with a little patience and diligence. Paper and handbags may also be derived from the stalk of the plant.

Some discard the scraps of stalk after making clothes from the cannabis plant. You, however, can utilize these portions as well by adding them to your animal bedding.

Cannabis as medicine

Many have heard about the healing powers of cannabis. Few, however, understand just how powerful this natural solution is when it comes to curing ailments in the body. Several with chronic illnesses that cause pain in the body turns to CBD oil to relieve inflammation. Cannabis may also lead to hair growth, which is why some women mix CBD oil in their conditioners and styling products.

Doctors began prescribing marijuana to patients with severe cases of glaucoma many years ago because of cannabis’ ability to slow deterioration in the eye. Depending on where you live you can ask about different types of salves or oils from a cannabis store. Cannabis also serves as medicine to the Earth by reducing water pollution and contributing to the overall health of the soil. One cannabis plant essentially has the ability to lead to a better harvest.

Use cannabis to calm down

Some smoke cannabis for religious purposes. Others rely on the herb to calm their nerves after a long day. Rolling marijuana in a fat cigarette better known as a blunt is the traditional way of smoking. Vaping, however, proves more beneficial for some because of its reduced harmful effects and potential to provide a better “high.”

The way that you use cannabis is your choice. You should, however, look into the many ways that the herb can benefit your life.

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