Dogs are fantastic companions that make life enjoyable. They will cheer you on your worst days and keep you company when lonely. Furthermore, dogs have unique senses which they use to notify owners in case something seems fishy. Due to their intriguing nature, it is only fair to make sure your dog is healthy, well-fed, and sheltered. It is also vital that you exercise them so that they can keep fit and jovial.

All those things were manageable a while back. That is before the whole world went into turmoil. Right now, everyone is anxious due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. People are no longer moving around merrily or taking their dogs for a walk. Instead, they are sheltering, hoping that the situation is only temporary. That begs the question, what are you doing to make sure your dog is as safe as you are.

While some people can quickly outline their strategies, others cannot. The good news is that this piece is going to help you come up with a plan to take care of your dog during this lockdown period. That is by giving you a detailed list of five dog products that you need to stock up.

1. Food 

Just like humans, dogs require food for them to function properly. That means you need to maintain providing them with a balanced diet even during this lockdown period. You should thus consider different stocking types of healthy dog food that will supply your dogs with proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. They also need minerals for their bones and proteins for their muscles and tissues. Without these nutrients, your dog is likely to end up suffering.

When selecting dog food, make sure you go for a mixture of both dry and wet canned food. These foods are great when it comes to supplying your dog with the required nutrients. When it comes to storage, store dry dog food in dry glass or plastic containers. If not, leave them in their original packages and seal them properly to maintain their freshness. By stocking adequate and essential dog food, you will be closer to keeping your pet comfortable during this lockdown.

2. Dog toys

As mentioned earlier, your dog requires exercise to keep physically fit. It also needs something that will keep it jovial throughout this gloomy period. The best way to achieve that is to stock up dog toys. Go online and shop a bunch of toys for your dog because it is uncertain for how long this situation is going to last. Some of the toys you should consider for your dog include an interactive ball for dogs, treat-dispensing toys, and IQ pet treat ball.

These toys encourage your dog to be active and creative. They also keep it from lazing around all day long. With proper dog exercise, your pet will be able to burn fats and maintain its health. It is also going to have an easy time moving around once the lockdown is over. Remember, according to research, dogs need at least 30mins of exercise. You should, therefore, get toys that will enable it to exercise indoors.

3. Dog medication

Dogs are bound to develop illnesses or conditions. Either way, you need to prepare just in case something comes up. If your dog has a pre-existing condition, make sure you stock the required medicine. Don’t let your dog suffer during this lockdown. Some of the essential medications to keep around include Famotidine for stomach upset, Doxepin for anxiety, and an anti-inflammatory drug called Prednisone.

You may also need Doxycycline for infections and Tramadol for pain in dogs. These medications will ensure that your pet is having an incredible time indoors. It is one of the best ways of making sure that your dog is taken care of during this self-quarantine period. While stocking the medication, make sure they have a prescription so that you know how much to give your dog.

4. Waste removal products

No matter how well trained your dog is, there comes a time when your furry companion makes a mess. It may be due to sickness or just pure accident. Given that you cannot rush out due to lockdown, the reasonable thing to do is to stock up some waste removal products. That is so that you are ready for anything. You should, therefore, consider stocking up items such as waste disposal systems and dog waste scoopers.

That is because you want to maintain a clean environment while indoors. You also don’t want to bump into dog poop from time to time. With the right waste removal products, you will have an easy time disposing of any dog waste in the house. If you have a backyard, consider including in-ground dog waste disposal products. The more options you have, the better. You should, however, prioritize what you need more.

5. Grooming products

Once you make sure your dog is full, physically fit, and living in a clean environment, you can now go ahead and keep it tidy. That is why you need to stock up grooming products. Reports also indicate that dog hygiene can help reduce allergic reactions significantly. Remember, once your pet develops any allergies, it is going to be hard to get medication due to the current situation. While lockdown continues, you should stock on cleaning brush, nail clippers, and a good microfiber towel.

You also need to consider stocking great dog shampoos so that you can give it an occasional bath. That should go hand in hand with grooming wipes, which can help wipe dog paws and dirty behinds, therefore, making sure your dog is extra clean. With these hygiene products, you will be able to maintain a tidy and healthy dog. They will also see it have a splendid time indoors without any dirt-induced allergies.

Those are five essential products that you have to make sure you stock during this lockdown. Their combination will see you have an easy time maintaining your dog’s health and hygiene. The medication, on the other hand, will enable you to curb any health problem before it becomes significant. By the end of the lockdown, your dog will come out looking attractive with a shiny coat.

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