Herbal supplements have become very common in today’s health industry where natural medicine is highly sought after. They are generally used to treat acute ailments like colds or flus. Sometimes they are even used (usually as adjuncts) to treat more serious ailments like chronic pain as well.One area of health that many people don’t consider using herbal supplements for is sex drive. This article today will explore the best herbal supplements to boost your sex drive naturally and effectively!


A Growing Concern – Especially for Men


The desire to boost your sex drive has steadily become a growing concern for men, particularly men ‘of a certain age’. This can be due to a number of reasons, but one common factor can be the drop in natural testosterone levels in men as they grow older.

Testosterone is the principle sex hormone found in males. It’s responsible for the development of the male sex organs (the penis and testes), and is vital in maintaining sex drive, physical strength, and sperm production. As a man begins to age, his testosterone levels typically begin to drop.

According to Vin Tangpricha, MD, PhD, roughly 25 percent of men over the age of 45 begin to experience some type of drop in their testosterone levels. This drop in the hormone can lead to a decline in physical activity and a man’s libido (sex drive). It can also affect their overall mood, leading to depression-like symptoms as well as their marital life.

Is there a way to combat this? For men experiencing a deficiency in testosterone production, there are all-natural herbal supplements that can help promote hormonal production and in turn, boost their sex drive.

Let’s take a look at five herbal supplements that we recommend for our readers. These herbs should be able to help you achieve the results that you desire.



1. Cordyceps

One herbal supplement that is commonly linked to enhanced libido is cordyceps. This oddly-shaped mushroom grows exclusively in China and the Tibetan region. Besides increasing a person’s libido, the cordyceps mushroom helps reduce the negative effects of stress. It is also known to enhance athletic performance and improve your overall mental energy.



2. Kratom

Herbal Supplements to Boost Your Sex Drive:

Kratom is a leaf that has been cultivated in Southeast Asia for generations, sought after for the variety of conditions it can be used to treat – including low sex drive. Premium kratom, which is often sold as a powder that can be blended into a tea, can aid in prolonged and heightened sexual performance. Certain strains of kratom can improve a person’s mood, increase sensitivity to touch and generate a mild euphoric sensation.



3. Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali root, also commonly found in Southeast Asia, is another herbal supplement which can boost your sex drive. Also known as LongJack or Eurycoma longifolia, the Tongkat Ali root helps to give you more stamina, increase your muscle mass and promote the loss of body fat. On top of this, the root enhances your desire for sex, providing you with a boost of testosterone that’ll help improve your overall performance.



4. Saw Palmetto Berry


Herbal Supplements to Boost Your Sex Drive:

The fourth herbal supplement we’ll discuss is the saw palmetto berry. These berries are found on small palm trees that are endemic to the subtropical Southeastern United States. The berries are known to boost your libido and increase your body’s level of testosterone production. On top of this, the saw palmetto berry can also address issues such as low sperm count, hair loss, headaches, and inflammation.



5. Damiana Leaves

Last, but certainly not least, are damiana leaves. Found in Mexico, as well as Central and South America, the leaves found on the damiana shrub have been used to help with symptoms such as erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia. It does this by increasing blood flow and stimulation within these sexual organs.



Don’t Deal With Libido Issues Any Longer!

Dealing with low libido and testosterone levels can be extremely difficult to deal with, especially for men that have issues with self-confidence and self-esteem. Luckily, there are all-natural supplements that can aid you with your struggle.

The five herbs that we discussed in this post have been used to combat sexual performance issues for years now and each has been proven to be effective. When looking at a testosterone booster for your libido, make sure that the supplement has one or more of the five herbs that we mentioned.

Take charge of your life and consider using an all-natural supplement for your libido and testosterone concerns. Always consult your doctor when considering these supplements.


Recap: Top 5 Herbal Supplements to Boost Your Sex Drive


  1. Cordyceps.
  2. Kratom.
  3. Tongkat Ali Root.
  4. Saw Palmetto Berry.
  5. Damiana Leaves.

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Kurt Darrell is a Colorado resident and an active medical and recreational cannabis contributor in various blogs and online publications. He works with several cannabis companies to help them understand consumer insights regarding marijuana products and consumption. He also engages in volunteer work whenever he’s free.


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