The success of your recovery period will depend heavily on what you do during this stage to aid your road to full fitness again. However, what you do before your surgery can be just as beneficial than what you do after. Getting into prime condition before you hit the treatment table will be a large factor in your eventual recovery. 

Factors such as eating well and controlled exercise that are integrated into your lifestyle can prepare your body for better recovery after the surgery. It’s important to set out a plan that you can follow that will make the recovery process far easier. 

To help you through the journey, here are 5 pre-surgery fitness tips that can benefit your body for the better.

1. Drink clear, carbo-loaded drinks

Previous advice from surgeons would have recommended avoiding drinking or eating leading up to the surgery. However, further research has shown that drinking the correct fluids can actually be beneficial for your body in the days leading up to the surgery, particularly those that are heavy in carbs.

Drinks such as water, tonic, clear tea and fruit juices can be great for your body before and after the surgery. This is because they can relieve stress, and decrease the possibility of vomiting before or after the surgery. In some cases, it can also decrease the feeling of pain.

2. Avoid smoking

A big part of being able to recover well from surgery is blood being able to circulate efficiently around the body. There are many different chemicals that are found in cigarettes that are extremely harmful. Smoking disrupts blood flow because it promotes blood clots in the body which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. This is something to avoid before going through surgery.

3. Increase your exercise output

This is something that should be considered more before surgery rather than after. Your movement will be relatively limited in the early stages of your recovery. Enduring in exercise before your surgery can increase your threshold to any pain you might feel during or after the surgery. Similarly, if you already exercise regularly, continue your routine to keep your body fit leading up to the surgery.

If you don’t there are many active hobbies you can try to get yourself into before the surgery date. Anything from casual running to swimming are just some of the activities you can try to get your fitness levels up just in time before the surgery.

4. Consider taking nutritional supplements

It’s fair to say that not all of us get the required vitamins and minerals in our normal diet. This can be down to several factors including religious beliefs, lifestyle changes or general preference in certain foods. Immune dysfunction is also another factor that doesn’t allow the body to hold the required nutrients in our body that would help us to recover, for example. 

Health supplements can be a great way to help you obtain these nutrients that you might be losing and ensure that your body is in the shape that it needs to be before you go ahead with the surgery. 

5. Obtain a stable weight

A surgeon’s prime goal is to ensure that a patient is safe throughout the procedure. Being an ideal weight is something that helps to make the surgery easier to perform and also prevent any complications. A surgeon will advise you whether you need to lose weight before the surgery, and if so, there are several steps that you can take to reach your goal:

– Eat healthily

– Have plenty of fruit and vegetables

– Exercise regularly

– Stay hydrated

– Avoid sugary drinks and foods

Staying fit before your operation

Whether you’re undergoing a medical or plastic surgery, the points above still apply when it comes to aiding your recovery. Physically and mentally, your body will be tested during the process so it’s important that you prepare yourself beforehand. If you consider these fitness steps, you can assure your body will go through less and feel better for it.

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