Today, word diabetes is very common and affects many people across the globe. This non-curable disease is like a modern epidemic. It is the condition when the blood sugar level becomes very high. It further leads to various serious health issues like foot problems (pain), heart disease, nerve damage, etc.

Diabetes has types among them type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes is most common and usually diagnosed in every age bracket from children to older people. Gestational diabetes appears in pregnant women and goes away after childbirth.

As we mentioned before, this disease has no cure yet but if anyone gets diagnosed with it can reduce the effects by choosing a healthy lifestyle, the quality product like diabetic shoes for women is best suitable for foot ailments, and keeping a check on blood sugar level.

Below, we listed the five steps which help you to fight diabetes easily if followed consistently:

Keep a regular check on blood sugar level

Monitor the blood sugar level regularly. It helps you in choosing the right food. It is normally recommended to check sugar level 5-6 times a day initially, preferably before and after the meal. After healthily adjusting your lifestyle, you can reduce the check 3-4 times a day. And it’s important to check the sugar level whenever you feel odd.

Start exercising and avoid stress

Regular exercise or walk acts as a blessing for everyone. Because of multiple benefits of exercising, it is recommended to diabetic patients to stay active and fight the disease. Set a realistic routine with 15 to 30-minute exercising.

Never skip your medication and quit smoking

If the doctor prescribed anti-diabetic medications, then one should regularly follow the regime. And most importantly, adjust the dosage of insulin after consulting the doctor. Smoking increases the risk of diabetes and also causes many other health issues. So, be kind to yourself and quit smoking for living a better life.

5 or 6 small meals and avoid fast foods

Avoid a large portion of food and prepare small meals for yourself. Consuming too much at a time causes a higher sugar level and increases the risk of diabetes. So, make a change and have 5 to 6 nutritious and healthy meals in a day. Try to cook at home and avoid eating in restaurants and occasionally, while visiting any fast food restaurant better to eat less or choose some healthy options.  If you are confused, consult a dietician for proper guidance and schedule a healthy eating plan.

Follow a low carb diet

Know about your carbohydrates intake in a day and if it is in excess than pay attention. A low carb diet won’t raise your blood sugar level after you eat and needs less insulin to manage healthily. Exterminate sugary and refined carbs from your diet as they increase the risk of diabetes. Eat healthy carbs like fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products.

Other than the above-given steps, one must keep a check on his/her feet and eyes health as diabetes can seriously impact them. You can buy diabetic shoes for women/ men who are comfortable and technically designed for diabetic patients who have foot ailments and easily available at online stores.  

Good luck!

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