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You expect to receive quality products when buying anything online or from a physical store. Purchasing kratom products online offers unmatched convenience. And that’s why most people prefer it. But buying online isn’t easy. Like other products, most of the vendors selling kratom products are untrustworthy. You have to know what to look for in identifying quality kratom to get value for your money. 

Kratom products exist in two popular forms; capsules and powder. Picking a product begins with determining which form of consumption you prefer. In terms of convenience, kratom capsules have it all. 

Before making purchases online, here are some of the things you should consider to ensure you get high-quality products.

1. 3rd Party Lab Certification

Proper inspection of the quality of kratom products is done by independent third-party laboratories. Although kratom producers may have internal quality control measures, some may not be effective. The labs perform a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the products attain the required standards. 

Lab testing is crucial because it determines how healthy the products are. Some manufacturers can offer products with unauthorized alterations or contamination that expose you to health risks. Furthermore, scammers can sell you different products with claims that they are kratom. Others sometimes substitute original kratom with similar products such as green tea powder. 

In the US, imported kratom is subjected to lab testing. If you’re buying from overseas then you may be exposed to risk. Restrict yourself to buying only from vendors with a lab certification. 

Also, make sure that the lab-testing checked everything from contaminants to potency. Those with deeper examinations of additives, metals, moisture, and salmonella gives more assurance on quality. 

2. Choice of Strain

Picking an online store with a variety of kratom strains is wise. It allows you to choose the product that meets your needs. Furthermore, the effects vary from one strain to another. Getting a suitable strain for your condition allows you to enjoy the benefits. Some common strains include Bali, Maeng, and Thai Kratom. 

3. Reliability of The Seller

Your first question must be about the legality of the product. Is Kratom legal in Canada? A quick answer to it is yes, and you can find it at various shops. A lot goes into the manufacturing process of kratom. To get quality products, the manufacturer has to invest in expensive products and employ a complex production process. Low-quality producers use cheap means of production to cut costs. The result is poor quality products. 

Any products that are unreasonably cheap can be a product of substandard production means. Be aware of the huge discounts offered by the seller because it can be a trick to lure you into purchasing. Also make sure you find your body’s ideal kratom capsules before buying.It would prevent any overdosing.

Accessing the quality of products is tricky when buying online. If you can’t verify that the vendor is reliable, order a few products first and check their quality. Always find out the vendor is licensed. Most reliable brands have their products inspected by third party inspection companies and are ready to provide you with all the information you need. 

4. Vein Color 

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Vein colors influence the effects. Kratom mainly exits in 3 colors; white, red and green. The red vein kratom offers powerful calming effects. It soothes your mind and the whole of your body. If you are anxious then this is the product to go for. 

White veined kratom is more of a stimulant. It doesn’t cause any drowsiness like other strains. Instead, it is known to provide a focus that enables you to carry on with activities that demand concentration. It is the strain to consider if you want to improve your productivity. 

Lastly, green vein kratom offers moderate effects of stimulation and relaxation. It enables you to stay relaxed with no drowsy effects. It makes a suitable choice if you need something to stimulate you in your work without causing too much pressure.

5. Price

When checking quality, the price is an important pointer. Kratom production is an expensive process and low prices indicate that the producer is using shortcuts. Low-quality products don’t offer value for your money and can even expose you to health risks. 

Prices also vary depending on the strain and effects it offers. It is important to budget depending on what you expect to get.

This is not to say that discounts or affordable products are bad. Vendors normally offer discounts on bulk purchases. Discounts from genuine sellers usually last within a certain period. If you come across sellers offering discounts throughout the year, there is a chance that the products are low-quality or fake. 

However, be aware of scam vendors who hide behind high prices. High prices don’t always translate to quality products. You need to use other methods of determining the quality of the products before buying them. 


The wide variety of kratom products and their easy accessibility online is overwhelming. However, this comes with a cost. There are many scammers online who offer products that don’t meet their promises. 

Filtering out legit vendors from scammers is key to getting quality products. Other things to keep in mind before making purchases include the choices of type of kratom and the expected effects.

Hopefully, this article gives you a head start if you’re buying kratom capsules or powder online for the first time. We strongly advise that you do a lot of research before settling on a vendor. Asking for recommendations from friends and family increases your chances of getting a trustworthy vendor. 

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