Living a zero-waste lifestyle means that you are committed to taking any steps you can take to make sure you have no or minimal waste. And while the means to live a zero-waste life are more available than ever for you and everyone else, some out there don’t even try.

If you want to live a zero-waste lifestyle, you should consider these 5 tips below. You might even already be using some or all of them. If you are, you should pass them on via social media or through emails to people that might need a nudge. By taking these tips and making them part of your lifestyle, your lifestyle can indeed become a zero-waste lifestyle.

1. Recycle and Reuse

You should not ever toss your containers, boxes, and bags into trash cans. You can always find a use for those items. If you are running out of room in your home, you might be buying too much. And that excessive shopping in no way lends toward sustainability. But if you aren’t and you are just cramped for space, then, by all means, you must recycle. Sometimes, you just end up having to part with things. If you are wanting to decorate, consider using items that are eco-friendly.

For those items that don’t end up in your recycling bins, you need to find ways to use them somehow. You should not have any issues with that. You can always find a use for anything. Check online blogs and watch online videos for advice on the best recycling and reusing tips.

2. Support Ethical Companies

You might be doing all that you can at home, but if you are not supporting ethical companies you are kind of missing the point. From ethically made shoes and outerwear to sustainably produced shirts, pants, and accessories, you can dress the part of a zero-waste advocate.

And the choices you make in your local and global communities for other commodities are important, too. When you buy local or from trusted and larger domestic and international retailers, you limit the risk of buying from suppliers that don’t consider zero-waste a priority.

3. Grow Food

Many of your food suppliers do not prioritize sustainability, and they likely could not tell you what zero-waste is. That is one of the reasons why you can benefit from growing your own food.

Another benefit is that you limit your own waste. When you have fresh food options handy, you normally only take what you need. You plan more according to your needs. Excessive consumption of food we do not need is one of the leading reasons people like you are involved in the zero-waste movement.

4. Share and Swap

If you want to limit your waste, you should always find ways to share items with family and friends. Consider pot-lucks to reduce cooking too much for just one home, and you also can share vehicles, toys, and other miscellaneous items.

You can also swap and trade items you no longer use for items someone else doesn’t need. This is very helpful when it comes to clothing your kids. They grow so fast, and you avoid waste on items they might have worn just a few times and waste from the manufacturers that made your purchases.

5. Ditch Paper and Plastics

You should stop using items like paper-towels and opt instead for using washable towels, rags, and scrap fabric. Across the globe, people turn to massive amounts of paper towels when just a sheet or two would do. The same can be said for any of you that use paper napkins.

Ditch those items and plastic products, too. Stop using plastic straws, plastic cups, and plates, and mass-produced plastic storage solutions. Use what you already have and re-use items you buy.

A Zero-Waste Life Is Achievable

If others are able to do it, you can live a zero-waste lifestyle, too. For those of you that already are, thank you.

Fortunately, many companies are understanding the importance now, and the processes behind making consumer goods are evolving. However, it’s not happening soon enough, and that is all the more reason for you and those you know to stick to a zero-waste lifestyle.

By making sure you apply the five tips above, you are without a doubt doing your part.

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