Tips to Help You Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

You should do your best to maintain your good health at all times, but once you get pregnant, you should really be very careful. After all, taking good care of yourself during pregnancy means taking proper care of your baby as well. Not to mention that health issues in pregnancy can turn out to be more serious and harmful. Your body is sensitive, and you need to treat it with care and respect. That said, the following tips can be the perfect guide for the healthiest nine months you can hope for when you’re expecting.

1. Follow a proper diet

5 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Obviously, you will be eating for two and therefore you really need to pay attention to your food choices. In general, plenty of fruits and veggies is definitely a proper plan. Spinach, oranges, broccoli and beans should be some of your go-to foods as they’re rich in folic acid. What’s more, you should try your best to avoid sugar and fat, even though you may have these cravings during the pregnancy. Aside from fruits and veggies, whole grains and calcium-rich foods are very beneficial. On the other hand, raw meat and sushi should be avoided during this period. The same goes for raw eggs (and mayonnaise) as well as soft cheeses. 

2. Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water

Water is the most common advice for almost every situation, but that’s because proper water intake means a lot for one’s health. During pregnancy, the body gets dehydrated a lot faster than normally, which means that pregnant women need to drink water more often and in larger quantities than usual. In general, if the regular dosage is 8 glasses a day, try to up that number to 10. But, just like you should boost your water intake, you should completely drop alcoholic beverages during the pregnancy as well as the breastfeeding period. Consuming alcohol during this crucial time can seriously affect the baby’s health and consequently, the mother’s, too.

3. Wear comfy clothes

Luckily, these days it’s rather easy to get a hold of rather fashionable maternity clothes. In that respect, it’s essential that you get yourself some items that look and feel great. Not all clothes have to be specially made for expecting mothers in order to be comfy enough for you, but when it comes to bottoms, top-quality Mavi maternity jeans as well as breathable and stretchy sweats and skirts are the best choice for future stylish moms. Keep in mind that during pregnancy, your clothes need to fit properly, and with the available selection nowadays and cool accessories, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t have the best of both worlds. Also, always opt for comfortable footwear; if you like stiletto shoes and high heels, opt for equally elegant kitten heels during pregnancy.

4. It’s time to exercise!

Depending on your physical activity before you got pregnant, you should create a proper exercise routine with the help of your doctor during the pregnancy as well. Even if you didn’t work out at all, pregnancy requires that you move your body a bit in order to keep both you and the baby healthy. As mentioned, your doctor can help you determine the right set of daily exercises. You can also look up some effective preg exercises online if you’ve been rather active before, as well.

5. Improve your sleep routine

Improve your sleep routine

Most people are used to sleeping less than recommended due to their busy lives. However, once you get pregnant, you need to consider your health and the way lack of sleep can affect you and your baby. That said, it’s essential that you get at least 7 hours of proper rest during the night. And, when you get in the bed, lie on your left side. This position will effectively improve the blood flow for both you and the child. The better you sleep, the stronger your immune system gets.

If possible, remember to get your flu shot. Talk to your doctor about this possibility as risking the flu can affect your health in pregnancy more severely than normal.

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