As we age, health concerns usually start becoming an issue. We deal with all sorts of things that we never had to bother with in our youth. It can certainly take a toll on our confidence and make us live a life that’s a lot more passive. However, even though we can’t avoid aging, we can certainly be better prepared for it. Knowing what to expect and how to prevent some common problems is the key to leading a long, healthy life. Here’s a list of the six most common health concerns for seniors, and how you can go about tackling them.


Cardiovascular problems

As the leading cause of death in the world, cardiovascular diseases are something that plagues almost every family. Increased blood pressure and high cholesterol can increase the risk of having a heart attack or developing a disease. You need to be really careful if you develop either of these. Luckily, the good thing in this situation is that it can be managed really, really well with a natural approach. Regular exercise and a healthy diet make a huge impact, so see about working out several times a week and eating more fish, veggies, and berry fruits.


Sight and hearing impairment

Our eyesight and hearing can degrade with old age. But this is a problem that can easily be managed with hearing aids and glasses (or contacts). Visit your primary health care practitioner regularly for checkups to avoid more serious issues like glaucoma and cataract. 


Reduced cognitive function

Most Common Health Concerns for SeniorsDementia is the most common problem with impaired cognitive function, and it’s usually a consequence of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The progressive nature of most dementia-related diseases makes it very important to have proper support around you. You also need to find professionals who will take a kind, considerate, and holistic approach to your care.

Going to places such as New Direction aged care facilities is a great idea because they have specialized programs that encourage seniors to engage in social activities, to exercise, to eat well, and to do brain puzzles to keep their wits sharp. Simply put, they encourage you to lead a normal life in good conditions.

The most important thing is that you do not isolate yourself and that you start developing routines that will help you stay consistent.



Diabetes is also ranked pretty high on the list of most common senior problems, and it’s very important that you take this condition seriously. Taking medication won’t be enough, you really need to be mindful of your wellbeing and change your lifestyle to suit a more holistic approach. Again, physical exercise and diet are important, and you can also look into some herbal remedies that could help you.



Most Common Health Concerns for Seniors

Mental health is something we tend to disregard even when we’re young. However, the consequences can be quite disastrous if we do so. Whether it’s a consequence of suffering from a chronic disease or feeling hopeless because we are aging, depression often hits seniors who are very reluctant to seek help. We urge you to talk to someone if feelings of sadness and anxiety are frequently present, and we also recommend meditation, yoga, and spending more time in the nature as a way to soothe your mind.



Stiff, achy joints that prevent us from moving around much not only feel uncomfortable, but they usually lead to quite a sedentary lifestyle and even more health concerns as a consequence. While you might not feel like exercising, it’s actually the best way to deal with arthritis because it will strengthen your muscles and help support your ailing joints.

You could also look into ingesting more ginger and turmeric, as both have been shown to reduce inflammation in our body and ease joint pain. Acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, and electrotherapy could also help.


Positively Channeling These Most Common Health Concerns for Seniors

Treat your body with care and kindness, and always stay positive. Having a good attitude and finding ways to stay active and to socialize is the key to living well and staying healthy.

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Most Common Health Concerns for Seniors

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