True balance in life comes when we synchronize our mind, body in the soul. If one aspect of a truly balanced life is out of sync, other aspects won’t be enough to create a sense of inner peace. The mind, body and soul connection can be created with these simple but actionable tips.

For the Mind

We need some brain exercises daily to keep our minds engaged. Our mental focus decreases when the mind is not put to good use.

Read a lot and read often

Reading opens up an entirely new world that exists out of the bounds of our regular life. A good book can open up a door to a completely different world where our imagination runs wild. Even the smallest amount of time spent on reading can reduce our daily stress. Stress is often accompanied by the feeling of anxiety, so it helps us reduce this toxic feeling and fills us up with positive emotion. Spend at least 30 minutes every day on reading to feel happier, motivated, refreshed and even fall asleep easier at night. 


The process of learning a new skill enhances the quality of our lives. It banishes boredom, helps us achieve progress in our careers, gives us purpose and engages our brain. Be it a cooking class or how to ski, lifelong learning is integral for our brain’s health and our mind’s growth. When you learn something new, you actually speed up your future learning processes. You boost your brainpower so you can become more productive, efficient and even more interesting as a person. Knowledgeable people never run of things to talk about. Even watching documentaries count as learning, so find ways to learn new things that motivate you and stimulate your mind.

For the body

The physical exercise engages your body while it calms your mind. When you decide to take care of your body, you put your mind and body in sync and improve the quality of your life.

Move it to amuse it

Intentional movement, either moderate or high intensity, functions as natural medicine. This mood-boosting activity is good for our mind, body, and soul. Apart from regular walks, bike rides and other daily types of movement, physical activity should be chosen and intentional activity. To reap the best health benefits of exercise, you should do it three to four times a week. Specialized Pilates studio Canberra can challenge your body in ways you’ve never imagined possible. Most importantly, it will give you a chance to experiment with different pieces of equipment and engage both your body and the curious mind.

Eat to nourish it

Where exercise connects the mind and the body, the food we eat syncs our body and soul. Levels of energy, the quality of our health and amount of joy all depend on the way we eat. Food is our energy so we need to nourish our body in the best possible way. Junk food and comfort food temporarily calm our emotions, but do not serve our body right. Since this is the path to gaining weight and putting our health at risk, we should eat more mindfully. Protein, fats, fiber, and carbs give us the energy we need. Pick only those sources that are good for you and you’ll be fit physically and mentally. Veggies and fruits are your best friends so eat as much as you can fit into your healthy diet plan.

For the soul

Our soul grows when we nurture our minds and the body. But, there are also some things that are simply good for the soul and lead to striking the right mind-body-soul balance.


Travelling is our personal reset button. It helps us put our daily routines on pause and embark on an adventure. Even when you spend a day at a nearby town you’ve never been to before, you get a chance to do something new. It is another mood-boosting and stress-relieving activity that feels rewarding. You’ll appreciate life more and the chance to experience new things.


Holding grudges feed the negative emotions that reside within our bodies. Negative thoughts and emotions increase stress hormone, thus putting our health at risk. So, any negativity in life should be let go. Let go of the past emotions, forgive those that hurt you and also forgive yourself. 

These tips can easily become a daily ritual. You will improve your overall health and obtain a better and more positive perspective in life. Prioritize yourself, your needs and wants and lead a truly balanced life.

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