Physical exercise is one of the key factors that improve our health. Any type of exercise is better than sedentary behavior which we’re all guilty of during these social distancing times. However, there are still some fun ways to exercise without it feeling like an exercise. It’s all about making the time for intentional movement. You’ll stay active, healthy and have fun with the following activities you can safely do at home.

Take care of your backyard

First thing first – start by taking care of your backyard. People probably say to you all the time – Lucky you, you have a backyard. On one hand this is true. But, on the other – it means that you have to do all kinds of maintenance work. Luckily for you, all this outside work counts as a physical exercise. For example, let’s look at mowing the lawn. You have to push the lawn mower and walk at the same time. You’ll engage your entire body, build your upper body and lower body strength. It also counts as cardio exercise because you’ll have to walk at a certain pace. 

Try virtual exercise with friends

The same motivation to exercise can bring people together virtually. This is especially beneficial for those people who simply love the company of another even if it’s over a video call. Basically, ask your friends whether they’d like to join you over a video call to exercise together. You can watch the same online workout on Youtube, Instagram live, or some other app and exercise together in real-time. It will also be a mini get-together over a video call where you push and motivate each other to do that final rep. 

Have solo dance party

Dancing is truly a fun activity because it’s all about moving to the rhythm of music. You don’t have to be a pro dancer to bust some moves at home. Moreover, when you know that no one is watching you can truly move freely and dance the night away. Dancing is a great cardio activity you can do whenever you need to re energize yourself with some movement. Prepare a playlist in advance, clear some space so you won’t trip over objects and have fun!


Swimming is one of the best full body exercises you can get whenever you can. It’s fun, it doesn’t feel like exercise and you get to tone your body and feel great afterwards. The entire pandemic forced us to rethink our living environment and improve things we can. Swimming pool construction is one of those improvements because it enables us to enjoy time at home just like we vent on a vacation. If you’re one of the lucky ones who already have a swimming pool, you’ll agree with us. Otherwise, give this idea a thought and take the right steps to ensure you can vacation in your backyard and swim all the time.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is not as simple as you might think but it’s worth mastering. The benefit of this exercise is that you can do it anytime and anywhere and achieve a high intensity impact, improve circulation, stamina and health. You can jump rope during TV commercials at home. If you feel like taking a break from work, you can anso give it a few twists and sneak movement into your work day.

Play with your dog

Playing with your dog is beneficial for you and your dog. These furry creatures also need a recreational activity especially if you live in an apartment. But, if you need to add more movement into your day to stay physically active, include your dog into your routine. Try taking your dog on longer walks than your usual ones. You’ll get more steps into your day and reach your goal and your pup will enjoy this added walking time as well. You can also play fetch and activate your upper body each time your throw the ball or the stick.


Walking is generally a low impact exercise you can do anywhere and anytime.At home, you can walk up and down the stairs or take a few rounds around your backyard. It’s also one of the safest activities nowadays because you can safely keep your distance and get all the benefits from this physical exercise. If you still work from home, you probably walk less than you used to because you no longer commute to and from work. To change this, try walking for 20 to 30 minutes every morning and repeat the same after work. Morning exercise will increase your energy, clear out your thoughts and prepare you for a productive day ahead.

These seven activities from doing some chores, swimming to walking are ideal for everyone who spends their time at home. Give each one a try and you will never again live life without any type of physical activity.

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