A week of wellness can be ideal for those who prioritize everything else above their health. Whenever you postpone a healthy decision until tomorrow and the day after tomorrow you don’t put your health first. If you want to be healthy you need to invest in your health daily. So, let’s start with a week of wellness to jumpstart your better decisions.

Day 1 Food

A day should start with a nutritious breakfast that will give you energy for the right start fo the day. It is followed by a snack, lunch, another snack and dinner. If you want to take over your dietary habits and turn them to healthy eating habits, you should prepare your own meals. Day 1 of our week of wellness is all about the right food, but it should be repeated every day. 

Plan your meals, cook your own meals, prepare healthy snacks, do weekly grocery shopping and see how your health changes for the better. Ditch the sugar and avoid cravings with the right substitutes and a winning mindset.

Day 2 Be active

Sit less move more should be your 2020 mantra. We sit a lot, whether we like it or not. We do our jobs sitting down in front of a screen every day for eight hours. That is why we should intertwine movement with every part of our day. Regular breaks at work, taking the stairs and an active commute should be our goal for each day at work. 

You should also find a workout regime that is both fun and engaging and practice it three times a week. If you still haven’t started, day 2 of your week of wellness is the right moment. 

3 Do something for your mood

Day 3 is all about our state of mind and our happiness. Do at least one thing that makes your heart full of joy and mind at ease. Read a book, watch a documentary, learn something new, get your hair done, get a massage, go to the cinema on your own. One small thing a week can be your mood enhancer. You can also spend an afternoon doing nothing at all. If it makes you happy, so be it.

4 Take care of your health

Take care of one health issue you keep putting off. If one of your resolutions is to have better dental health, you should make it a priority. Maybe you need to restore your smile and give it back its former glory. If you’ve lost a tooth and you keep hiding your smile, you can consult your dentist and look into the most suitable restorative options. People in Australia choose zirconia crowns or other restorative solutions they can get at a successful dental lab in Perth. A healthy smile should be your goal and you can easily achieve it.

5 Embrace restorative powers of sleep

Staying up late because you fear you might miss out on something is so 2019. Instead, on the fifth day of our week of wellness prioritize sleep. Start now and work on it until you create a sleep schedule. When you have a sleep schedule, you wake up and go to sleep at exact times every day. A healthy amount of sleep is 7 to 9 hours but you should aim to sleep at least 8 hours. After a while,you’ll wake up completely on your own and turn off the alarm before it even rings. 

6 Do something completely new

Our same old routines keep us within the borders of our comfort zone. It’s where we feel good and comfortable. Ultimately, the same repetitive motions can lead to boredom and misery in life. But, if you wish to pay attention to your mental health, you should try something new. It can be a new fitness class, working for 90 minutes and taking a pause for 10, or even starting a cooking class with your partner. Discover something new and see how it improves your cognitive skills and your mental health.

7 An act of self-care

Self-care is our tool against stress. This act can be anything as long as it banishes your bad mood and reduces the amounts of stress hormone in your body. A stress buster can be 30 minutes of speed walking around the neighborhood or even a hot aromatic bath. It can also be decluttering because it helps you move your focus from negative thoughts to cleaning up the apartment. 

You can start this week of wellness on a Monday or on a Saturday, it’s up to you. These are just examples of things you can take up in one week and become a healthier you. 

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