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Description: Everybody online is talking about using cannabis-based products, including CBD for period pain. We’re here to tell you more about such products and let you know how to use them effectively.

Over half of all women experience some type of period pain, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Fortunately, cannabis-based products can do a world of good. It doesn’t necessarily matter what causes period pain, because it’s always going to come until you reach menopause, but knowing that there are natural solutions available is reassuring. Let’s look at 7 different ways you can use cannabis-based products to feel less pain.

1. CBD Drops

CBD can do a world of good, especially for pain relief. The receptors present in cannabinoid products are also present in pain circuits, from the brain right down to the toes. You can impact the interpretation and transmission of pain sensations and itching using CBD drops. There are many products that provide a pipette, allowing you to administer a reliable dose to any beverage for you to drink.

2. Relieving Spray

Bodysprays with cannabis extract can provide fast pain relief for those who suffer from PMS-related cramps. The spray is optimized for all types of skin, and many products often balance cannabis with other pain relief compounds, often made from peppermint, arnica, juniper, or clove. Spray a fair few veils of mist around the targeted area, and you’ll see that once it’s dry, it will feel a lot more pleasant.

3. Cream

Lower abdominal pain can often inconvenience a person and sometimes makes it difficult to do any simple task. The experts at Pure CBD Geek say that it can be beneficial to apply a cream with CBD to the lower abdominal area. It will work to reduce inflammation and tension in the body, helping offset pain. You can go about your day feeling happy and pain-free. 

4. Bath Products

There are a lot of bath products that contain cannabis compounds like CBD, such as bath bombs, essential oils, and soaps. Many of them are also laced with oils that can help soothe the body and promote healthy skin, from aloe vera to avocado oil. Any essential oils added can really lend a hand towards curing pain and anxiety. When it’s your time of the month, this can be a very relaxing way to use CBD for period pain, helping relieve cramps and aches.

5. Pens

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If you’re wondering about how to take CBD oil, it’s possible to get all the benefits of uncomfortable period relief using a simple vaping pen. It’s a clever way of getting all the compounds quickly. A great substitute for cigarettes if you usually smoke.

6. Chocolate Bars

Dark chocolate and period pain are actually a match made in heaven. It is a really is a no-brainer that when you’re looking to get your fair share of CBD, you ingest chocolate infused in it. Indulge and let the pain go away at the same time! After all, who doesn’t love the taste of chocolate?

7. Tea

If you purchase tea with CBD, it can feel like a real massage in a cup. Tea is great because unlike a lot of other cannabis-infused drinks, you don’t need any other ingredients to activate your tea. Just a cup of hot water and a bag. Cannabis-based tea is full of anti-inflammatory benefits and is a tasty beverage!

CBD for Period Pain Can Help

Hopefully, now that you’ve read this article, you’ll know more about how to get rid of period pain fast. It is great to know that there are natural products out there based around cannabis that is both safe and effective to use. When the time comes, take note of the information that we provided and help yourself get better.

Have you ever used any CBD products? Got any favorites? Tell us about them in the comments section below.

Author’S Bio: Chele is a digital marketing whizz, spicy food lover, and proud mom of two. She has traveled all over the world and loves writing on a freelance basis to fund her time abroad. Her dream is to try every native fruit or vegetable in every country in the world.

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