Dental crowns are small tooth-shaped caps that are fitted on teeth to restore their shape, size strength and improve the appearance. These dental restorations look and function just like your real teeth, which helps prevent discomfort caused by numerous dental problems. 

Keep on reading to discover the seven amazing benefits of choosing a dental crown to treat your dental problems. 

1. Fixes damaged or broken teeth

Dental crowns are used to reconstruct the structure of cracked or otherwise affected teeth. Cracked, broken, and chipped teeth typically cause discomfort and even pain. Often, you may experience painful sensations while eating hard, crispy or sticky foods. And some patients may feel self-conscious about their unsightly smile. Installing a dental crown to repair your damaged tooth can help both to eliminate any mental distress or physical pain from the damaged tooth.    

2. Improves appearance 

Discolored, misaligned, or impacted teeth can negatively affect the appearance of your smile. Dental crowns can be customized to suit the color and shape of your real teeth. Many patients find that porcelain crowns are perfect solutions to upgrade their smile. Porcelain material helps create a crown that looks beautiful and highly realistic.

3. Covers effect of teeth grinding 

If you experience chronic teeth grinding, you’ve probably noticed that your teeth have started to look worn out. A dental crown can help reverse the evidence of teeth grinding. Installing dental crowns after years of grinding your teeth helps prevent further breakage and erosion, and hides the unsightly results of this condition. 

4. Protects a big filling

Repairing your damaged tooth with a big filling may not be enough. Large fillings are unstable and may require additional support. A dental crown can help strengthen a tooth with a big filling and reduce the risk of further decay.  

5. Strengthens teeth after a root canal 

A root canal is a treatment that involves removing the injured or infected pulp of your tooth. This type of procedure saves millions of teeth annually and can help keep your smile healthy and beautiful. However, teeth that receive a root canal tend to be prone to breakage or splitting. Dental crowns can help reinforce your teeth after a root canal procedure. 

6. Helps stabilize a dental bridge

A missing tooth isn’t just a minor inconvenience, it can eventually damage the rest of your teeth. To restore the function and look of your mouth, a dental specialist can suggest installing a dental bridge. Often, a dental specialist will also install one or a few crowns. Dental crowns help stabilize your bridge while protecting the neighboring teeth. 

7.  Restores your teeth function

A tooth that is cracked, broken, or chipped, most likely won’t function as it used to even after procedures like dental bonding or filling. Most people think that dental crowns are used primarily to repair aesthetic issues. That’s far from the truth. Dental crowns are the best possible solution to restore your teeth to proper working order. 

8. Simple and straightforward procedure 

A dental crown can be installed in just one visit. Firstly, a dental specialist will perform a physical examination of your teeth to ensure that a crown is the best option for you. If your tooth has the necessary volume and density, a dentist will then start to prepare it for  treatment. They will remove the infected soft tissues or decayed areas of your tooth. Then, a specialist will create the appropriate crown based on a digital image of your tooth. This process typically takes no more than two hours. Finally, a dental specialist will fit you with a newly made dental crown. The entire process shouldn’t take more than 3 hours.

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