The world is running on coffee. This industry is one of the most expanded ones in the world, with large and small cafés and coffee shops dominating in every town and city. But how does it affect our health?

When it comes to drinking coffee, opinions are divided between those who say that coffee is healthy and those who claim otherwise. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Just like anything else in life, drinking too much coffee exposes you at risk of various unpleasant side effects. These side effects can vary from mild to severe, and include increased heart rate, nausea and upset stomach, insomnia and nervousness.

However, if you moderately consume coffee, there is a wide range of health benefits you mustn’t ignore. Healthy adults can drink up to 4 cups of coffee per day. Which leaves them enough time to experiment with coffee types and tastes they like, while they significantly improve their health. Here are the greatest health benefits of drinking coffee.

1. Great nutritive value

Believe it or not, coffee has a great nutritive value. It’s not just any regular cup of warm black water that has no effect on your organism. Coffee is made out of different kinds of coffee beans. Unlike many other processed products, the nutrients in those coffee beans are found in your cup. So, your cup of coffee contains numerous minerals, vitamins and antioxidants beneficial for your health.

An average cup of coffee contains around 25% of vitamins and minerals. The most important ones are B3 that lowers levels of cholesterol in your body, boosts your brain function and eases arthritis. Additionally, coffee contains vitamins B2 and B5 that are considered as the body’s energy suppliers. They covert fats and proteins into the much-needed energy.

Coffee also contains low levels of potassium. Potassium helps you live longer. How is that possible? It preserves your bone density and muscle mass, lowers your blood pressure and by that lowers the risks of getting a stroke and reduces the risk of kidney stones.

2. Improved cardiovascular health

People are living such fast-paced lives. They forget to slow down from time to time and give their bodies a proper rest. That causes too much stress, and our organism is under the constant pressure to achieve more and do better. This kind of urban lifestyle can be the main cause of a lot of cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases that significantly lower the quality of our lives. Is there anything your favourite morning drink can do about it?

Even though drinking too much coffee can increase blood pressure, the effects and temporary and diminish over time. On the other hand, 1-2 cups of coffee per day, tend to have the opposite effect. The coffee has a powerful outcome that decreases the risk of heart failure by 8%. It also tends to decrease the risk of overall cardiovascular disease including strokes.

Besides that, coffee has a soothing impact on your body. If consumed moderately coffee can reduce the inflammation levels in your body. The sole smell of coffee is enough to relax the mind and body, which minimises the negative impacts of stress on our lives.

3. Extremely beneficial for your liver

It’s commonly known that the liver is one of the most important organs in our bodies. It performs many vital functions and helps clean your organism from various toxins. When the stress of everyday life is combined with the junk people consume, this vital organ suffers. From time to time, this powerhouse of our body needs a proper and thorough cleansing. Why wouldn’t you provide it with that?

Your liver loves coffee. Did you know that coffee you drink may be the livers best friend? When your body digests caffeine, your body produces healthy chemicals for the overall health called paraxanthine. This chemical slows down the growth of scar tissues. How is that beneficial?

Scar tissue is involved in creating fibrosis. According to that, it helps with liver cancer and many other alcohol-related diseases, such as cirrhosis. In addition to that, coffee can help prevent non-alcohol-related liver malfunctions and hepatitis C. It also reduces toxic enzymes your body produces. So, people who drink up to 4 cups of coffee per day minimise their risk of getting a liver disease by 80%!

4. Improved digestion

Have you noticed that after consuming your morning coffee the nature calls? You’re not alone there. Besides aiding the liver to clean toxic enzymes from your body, coffee also cleanses your gastric tract and your kidney and bladder. How is that possible?

The process is not complicated. Simply put, caffeine from your morning cup of coffee activates the bowel movement, causing contractions in your colon. This makes you need to go to the bathroom. It also stimulates the production of neurotransmitters similar to serotonin, which provokes the stomach acid to increase the metabolism.

When it comes to being beneficial for your bladder and kidneys, you must know that coffee is a great natural diuretic. What does that mean? It means that drinking coffee causes more frequent urination. That’s how coffee without the sugar flushes out the toxins and bacteria from our body. This process also helps you clean the stomach.

5. Weight loss

Since the coffee is a magnificent booster of metabolism and digestion, it can also help you lose weight. You may think that it’s impossible that such a small cup of short-term pleasure has such vast benefits, but it’s true. How can a simple cup of coffee help you lose weight and burn fat fast?

As we previously mentioned, coffee is wonderful for boosting metabolism. Caffeine can boost your metabolic rate by up to 11%! It’s no coincidence the most popular weight loss and diet supplements contain caffeine. Even though coffee is not rich in synthetic caffeine, it can really help those struggling to lose weight. How can you use coffee in a diet?

To burn fat and lose weight, consider starting a coffee diet. What is that? The coffee diet is a relatively new concept that has gained a lot of attention and popularity recently. As the name says, you’re using coffee as a weight loss supplement. It suppresses the appetite, leaving less space in our stomach for overeating. Besides that, it’s a great food substitute for those who are indulged in 16-hour fast daily.

6. Improved workout performance

Coffee can also help you boost your workout performance and minimise the pain after it. Surprise, surprise, another marvellous benefit of drinking coffee. Did you know that if you drink 150 to 250 ml of coffee 2 hours before the workout you can actually burn 15% more calories?

This 150ml coffee does not only burn more calories but also, increase the blood flow through your body, improving the circulation. Improved circulation leads to more oxygen to your muscles and brain, which directly causes better workout performance. Besides that, drinking coffee can also help you minimise the pain after the workout. In contrast to pain medication that decrease the levels of pain by 30-40%, athletes who drank coffee reported less pain in up to 50% cases!

One of the most known perks and traits of the coffee is that it increases wakefulness. It boosts your energy through the day. This also affects your workout. As you feel like you have more energy, you’re willing to endure more strenuous and tiring exercises, so, your endurance increases.

7. Improves your mood

Who doesn’t find joy in a delightful cup of magnificent aroma? Many people can’t start their days right without a warm cup of coffee in their hand. People’s faces literally light up when they see smell and taste marvellous coffee. Where is the best coffee from?

We must agree that nothing tastes as delicious as the cup of coffee from the coffee shop. What is their secret ingredient that makes their coffees taste so much better? Even though some may think that it’s a talent or amazing skill, with a high-quality coffee machine, you can make equally good coffee at your home. But how?

The secret lies within the high-quality coffee pods that transform into the best thing you’ve ever tasted and smelled. Coffee pods provide a wide range of various tastes and intensity to start your day right. The best thing about that kind of coffee is that it produces feel-good, happy hormones that reduce the risk of depression. Additionally, the smell of coffee is linked to less stress. Take a break and make yourself the best coffee to improve your mood.

8. Age gracefully

With age, the way our body and brain function changes. We start to lose memory, feel fatigued and ache more often and lose our mobility and energy. Whether this is caused by various illnesses and diseases or by simple deterioration over time, there is nothing much we can do about it. Sadly, there is no fountain of youth that can keep us young and forever. All we can do is try our hardest to lead a healthy life that will decrease the risks of getting various diseases.

With age, different diseases and illnesses come our way. Which is natural as our body is getting old and our organs start to malfunction. Is there a way to minimise the effects of getting old? Sadly, no, but we can accept ourselves and age like wine.

As we previously mentioned, coffee has vast health benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. It increases the levels of dopamine in your body, which directly affects and minimises the chances of getting Parkinson’s disease. There is also some negative correlation between drinking coffee and cancer and longevity. Coffee helps you age with grace.


As you can see, drinking coffee is closely correlated to your health. If consumed moderately, coffee can improve your performance in many fields, from physical activity to mood. It also minimises the risk of getting various diseases and helps you age gracefully.

You can thank the coffee for the wakefulness and energy during the day. Without it, we wouldn’t be as motivated and ready to finish our daily tasks. It boosts your concentration and helps you focus on the essential things. The greatest joy comes from the delicious cup of coffee. So, what are you waiting for? Make yourself a cup of coffee.

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