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Therapeutic Benefits

With more and more people being inclined towards alternative therapies these days, aromatherapy is also becoming quite popular. It is a type of holistic approach that uses smell to treat a variety of conditions.
Aromatherapy is not just about pleasing fragrances, this therapy has a significant effect on physiological and psychological health. This branch of functional medicine in Denver has many therapeutic benefits and helps align the body and mind for the overall well being. Take a look at the many benefits of aromatherapy.

Reduces stress
Stress relief is one of the biggest benefits of aromatherapy and it is widely popular because of it. The aromatic compounds that are present in the essential oils soothe your mind thereby relieving stress. Essential oil especially lavender is proven to have relaxing effects and thus helps relieve the built-up stress.

Improves focus and attention
Another positive benefit of aromatherapy is that it improves our cognitive abilities, memory, and concentration. Essential oils are widely known for improving brain functions and thus helps in increasing our attention span and focus.

Boosts energy
Today’s is a fast-paced world and we need a lot of energy to keep up with the stress of everyday life. Many of us become caffeine dependent to get boosts of energy throughout the day. But aromatherapy can naturally increase our energy levels by invigorating our senses. Essentials oils, especially lemon and other citrus ones are full of antioxidant terpenes, which has energizing effects on our bodies.

Helps with anxiety
Anxiety is one of the most widespread mental disorder and a vast majority of people suffer from some from it. A lot of people who are suffering from anxiety are looking for a natural solution to heal the condition and aromatherapy is one such holistic approach towards the treatment of anxiety and depression.
In a study conducted by the American College of Healthcare Sciences, a number of patients were given a hand massage with a blend of lavender, frankincense, and bergamot every day. The results showed a significant decline in the symptoms of anxiety and it became more manageable.

Improves sleep quality
Aromatherapy can also improve the quality of sleep as they possess natural sedative properties. Lack of proper sleep can cause a number of problems in the body and can also leave you feeling less focused, unproductive and a general lack of energy. Essential oils can balance your sleep cycle and you will feel more energized in the morning and ready to take up the day. Visit a holistic doctor in Denver to start your aromatherapy sessions.

Strengthens the immune system
Aromatherapy can effectively strengthen the immune system and protect your body against various diseases. The essential oils used in the therapy have antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial impacts on the body, which protects your body naturally against the attack of various infections and illnesses detrimental to your immune system. Lemon, oregano, peppermint, eucalyptus, frankincense, and cinnamon essential oils are some of the best immune boosters.

Helps in pain management
Physicians generally use analgesics to treat the conditions of pain in the body but these medications have a number of side effects. As a result of this many people are seeking natural remedies for the treatment of chronic pain conditions. Essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it can be helpful for treating symptoms of pain. Use eucalyptus, sage, juniper, lavender, chamomile, peppermint and rosemary essential oils for managing the condition of pain.

Assists digestion
Some essential oils can relieve abdominal gas and reduce abdominal pain thereby supporting the digestive health. Essential oils like peppermint and ginger oil helps stimulate the enzymes in the digestive system that breaks down the nutrients and thus regulate the proper working of the digestive system.

Improves hair health
Nowadays essential oils are used in many hair care products to promote hair health. The harsh chemicals present in many hair care products can cause more damage to the hair than improve it and thus essential oils like rosemary can be used to promote hair health.

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