Around 15 million people are suffering from burning pain in the lower chest area daily due to acid reflux. Acid reflux is also called pyrosis, acid indigestion, and heartburn. Some of the acid reflux disease causes include smoking and obesity.

Other acid reflux disease causes include anxiety, stress, anti-inflammatory painkillers, pregnancy, hiatus hernia and intake of spicy foods. Chocolate is rich in fat and cocoa. Increased intake of chocolate causes acid reflux. Other foods that cause acid reflux include fried foods, soda, high-fat dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, and high-fat meats.


Acid Reflux Disease Symptoms


Some symptoms of the acid reflux disease includes unpleasant taste in the mouth, heartburn, bad breath, a hoarse voice, hiccups or a cough, feeling sick and bloating.

Symptoms of acid reflux disease include nausea, burping, sudden weight loss, hoarseness, dry cough, difficulty in swallowing and bloating.

How To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux? By Addressing The Acid Reflux Disease Causes


It is advised to make lifestyle changes to get rid of acid reflux naturally. Avoid foods such as tomatoes, peppermint, and onions. Also avoid void beverages with caffeine, spicy foods, high fat diet, citrus fruits, and chocolate to cure acid reflux naturally.

Tight clothes put a pressure on your stomach and cause acid reflux. It is suggested to wear loose clothes always to prevent acid reflux. You need to elevate your head with the help of a pillow to prevent pyrosis.

It is advised to drink plenty of water daily. You need to practice exercises like squats, jogging, skipping, meditation and pushups to promote digestion and prevent heartburn.



The Best Acid Reflux Diet


You can include a slice of watermelon in your diet to cure the symptoms of acid reflux. The best acid reflux diet prevents the danger of tooth decay, cancer, and ulcers. You can include low acid foods such as green beans to keep the acids production in your stomach at a minimum and maintain a healthy body. It helps to neutralize the stomach acids and cures the acid reflux symptoms.

Almond milk has alkaline properties to soothe an acid in your stomach. It relieves you of worsening acid reflux symptoms. It makes your stomach full and maintains the healthy production of acids.

Acid reflux sufferers are advised to consume protein packed foods including salmon to get relief from symptoms of acid reflux. Omega 3 fatty acids in fish have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Sweet potatoes are other best option to get rid of acid reflux symptoms and provide the necessary carbohydrates. It slows down the digestion and soaks the acid in your stomach to prevent back flow of acid into your food pipe.

Lettuce is low in fats and rich in water content to neutralize the acids in your stomach. Therefore, it prevents digestive problems naturally.

Parsley, which is rich in antioxidants, helps to treat acid reflux inflammation. It offers an effective cure for the upset stomach. Cucumbers are rich in water content. It also has alkaline properties to control acid reflux symptoms. It keeps you full and reduces excessive acid production. 

Lastly, consume small meals three to four times daily.

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