Afgoo is a strain that may be tracked all of the ways back into the 80s. It happens after you blend the Maui Haze with an Afghani landrace – 2 quite robust and high-quality buds. Afgoo has an incredibly organic taste profile, tasting herby and earthy, with traces of sweetness and wood beneath. Its THC levels are relatively high, so if you are very careful, you might wind up reasonably high too.

According to the research January 2021 afgoo strain review With Numerous new hybrids on the Current Market, It’s easy to overlook the classics. It’s frequently presumed that marijuana in the old times’ was feeble. The principal difficulty with effectiveness was that the bud folks smoked was full of seeds and stalks. In case you were fortunate enough to receive your hands on high-quality bud, it was strong enough to take off your head! With modern growth techniques, it’s likely to enjoy a massive return of potent bud.

What’s your Afgoo Strain?

Afgoo Strain bud is an Indica-dominant hybrid vehicle and has existed since the 1980s. It’s likewise referred to as Afgooey, and though the name will make it look as though it has been Afghan Goo, it’s truly a combination of Maui Haze and an Afghani landrace been made by Green House Seeds. It’s a prime example of precisely what can occur when you combine two high-quality marijuana strains.

The Afgoo bud strain has a natural odor, along with the earthy scent also includes the merest semblance of sweet and hot. It’s not the very best weed to get a critical increase since it’s a very potent odor that lingers long after you’ve smoked it.

Strain Taste

Buy Afgoo which includes a beautiful fresh herbal flavor that makes it a very refreshing smoke. You will find notes of spice and wood, and the tacky and sweet aftertaste is superb.

Afgooey Look

Even though Afgoo contains Haze genetics, the nugs are often extremely challenging and have dark green glucose leaves. It’s a resinous plant that attests to its high THC content.

If You opt to develop Afgoo strain seeds outside, be skeptical of its powerful odor. You should also dwell in a hot and sunny Mediterranean climate (maintain the temperatures between 68- and – 80-degrees Fahrenheit). On the other hand, outside growers will appreciate a large yield of up to 35 oz per plant! It’s typically prepared for harvest from the end of September.

If you choose to develop Afgoo inside, it’s ideal to use a hydroponics growing platform. Yet more, its powerful odor means you have to put money into lovers for your grow space. Its flowering period is 8-9 weeks, and it may supply up to 32 oz per square meter implanted.

Afgoo can flourish regardless of what growing medium you’re using.

Nutrients than many marijuana strains don’t be scared to increase Nitrogen intake throughout the vegetative phase, and potassium also Phosphorus through the flowering stage.

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