In today’s world, we are plagued by a host of recreational drugs and substances, such as alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine, among others, requiring the rise of both conventional and alternative drug therapy.

Although recreational drug and alcohol use has always existed, its usage has exponentially increased and spread to a larger crowd in today’s times.

It has even gone to the point where even young adolescents (or even younger) engage with these substances. What once was considered to be the issues of college or “at worst” high school students, now is becoming even an issue among middle school students.

Not to mention the fact that many children, who may not even smoke, sniff, or drink anything, live with parents who do.

The Statistics


If you look at just some of the statistics, the situation of drug and alcohol regulation looks scary.

According to the NSDUH (2005) and other sources:

  •  94 million Americans used illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, heroine, or others. This is 90 million more than in 1962.
  •  22 million American adults have patterns of substance abuse or dependance. That’s about 9.4% of all American adults.
  • Millions of Americans each month are using at least one dangerous recreational substance.
  • 6.6% of the world have alcoholism.
  • Every year, 2 percent of all heroin and opioid users die.
  • The use of cocaine has led to substantially more ER deaths
  • Cocaine has also contributed to 20% of all suicides by men under age 61.
  • At least 10% of Americans use marijuana.


The Not-So-Pleasant Effects of Recreational Drugs

As pleasurable the users claim it to be, all recreational substances can severely harm a person in multiple ways, as it is well known.

In general, drugs critically alter the biological processes in our bodies. This is usually done by either blocking or increasing the flow of neurotransmitters in our cells, which is ignited by the huge input of strong molecules coming from a consumed drug.

This creates dangerous effects on our mental, emotional, and physical capabilities and can lead to countless consequences such as miscarriages, damaged lungs, and death, G-d forbid.


That Being Said – What Can We Do?

alternative drug therapy

One of the victims of methadone was the unfortunate child of these protestors

Numerous conventional therapies are used to attempt to treat drug addictions, whether in the form of psychological care, medications, detoxification, or via support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, are commonly used. Rehab is also recommended for addicts who are seeking a safe and comfortable space to condition themselves to wean off drugs.

But as effective as they are, they may not always provide substantially anchored long term care (with the exception of rehab, which is absolutely vital). Even if they do, it doesn’t always last as long as it should. Their effects can easily wear off.

Other treatments, such as methadone, may even be potentially dangerous, and especially if used irresponsibly, lead cause death.


Homeopathy: An Optimal Alternative Drug Therapy

This is when Homeopathy can come into the picture. As with over mental, emotional, and physical conditions, Homeopathy’s holistic method of healing can treat the chronic mental, emotional, and physical core each person’s overall drug condition by inspiring the vital force within each respective patient to heal on all levels.

For acute emergencies, homeopathy can also treat the substance related symptoms more quickly and safely than other methods.

Additionally with homeopathic treatment, the withdrawal side effects of drugs such as hangovers and vomiting can either be lessened or even non-existent. See which of these acute remedies can be of aid!

And of course, there is rock solid scientific evidence supporting homeopathy’s efficacy in treating drug-related symptoms.

All remedies are recommended to taken at a 30c unless otherwise noted.


Note: Due to the drug names of many of the remedies listed below, they may be sold at homeopathic pharmacies (both online and onsite) under different names, despite the fact that therea re no traces of the oringal substance left in any of the remedies.

Consult a local homeopath for the precise label names.


Agaricus muscarius


alternative drug therapyDerived from the Fly agaric mushroom, Agaricus is a good remedy for drug poisoning and overdoses, especially with mushrooms and LSD. it can also help if drug usages lead to blood poisoning.

The patient will tend to feel a psychedelic sensation in the morning. When using a drug, he or she may additionally feel a prickling sensation. This a major indication for Agaricus.

Agaricus works for people who can be on both ends of the anxiety and excitement spectrum. They may be full of ecstasy, fearless, and very loquacious. Some will have a lot of anxiety about their health as well.


Cannabis sativa


Cannabis sativa is better known as homeopathic marijuana or hemp. The same marijuana thatalternative drug therapy can cause you to feel “high” can also undo those effects.

This makes Cannabis the prime remedy for treating symptoms caused or excited by the use of marijuana.

Cannabis is geared towards “airheads” which foggy and dazed thought processes and memory.

They tend to forget a lot and to make poor guesses in measuring distance and time. They will feel like they are in a dream. In their view, time seems to be VERY long.

Alternatively, they may also have very strange and rare delusions and can have extreme mania. They may not be so grounded in their daily life and routine.




As is probably evident from the name, Heroinum is a homeopathic derivative of heroin. Heroinum is considered a prime remedy for heroin related symptoms.



alternative drug therapy



The typical personality of a Heroinum patient is the feeling that they have always made it out of all the mucks of life since his younger days.

Even when obstacles come to the patient’s way, he or she is able to survive and move forward from them, although the negative effects from those experience may linger.

Despite all of this, he or she may still maintain his or her morality.




This remedy was recently tested and proven by elite homeopath Misha Norland in 1999. Homeopathic LSD is very effective in treating LSD drug users and treating symptoms both on a chronic and acute level.


Nux Vomica


alternative drug therapyAs mentioned in previous articles, Nux Vomica is the #1 remedy for hangovers.

It can acutely treat the inharmonious up and down sensations a person experiences after a large consumption of alcohol.

Nux Vomica can also treat chronic alcoholics who tend to feel this sensation. It also matches those who are passionate, hard working, and industrious people, usually with a type-A personality.

Like a drunkard, they may feel (in many aspects of their life) a surge of energy and production which may lead to a downward decline.



Homeopathic Opium is a wonderful acute remedy for opium users and their effects. At a 6c or 9c alternative drug therapypotency taken on a consistent basis, it can sufficiently fix a drug induced “trip.”

When a drug overdose leads to stroke, coma, injury, or loss of unconsciousness and there is no other help around, consider Opium.

Known as a great sleep remedy, Opium is suited for drug users that are very slow-minded and who tend to have chronic tiredness. They may look tired, sluggish, and placid.

To see the other health benefits that homeopathic Opium can offer, click here!


About the author

Ariel Baradarian

Ariel Baradarian, CCH is an experienced holistic certified homeopathic practitioner with success in addressing a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical ailments in men, women, and children of all stripes. He works both alongside local medical and integrative doctors and their patients as well as with his own growing, global private practice, both in person in his office in Queens, NY and globally via video chat sessions. Ariel is also a natural health blogger and chief editor of, which is dedicated to helping others heal on all levels using various types of natural healing, including homeopathy. In addition, he is the New York Producer of the Vibrant Living Network, an inspiring organization dedicated to promoting a community natural and holistic health, mindful consciousness, relational intelligence and more!

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  • I almost bought a product yesterday with Nux vomica in it. I read that nux vomica can be hard on the liver. Do you know anything about this? I assume that would be at high doses but I wanted to know more.

    I take milk thistle which is great for detox due to medications. I have never used drugs in my life but I am concerned about all the supplements I take and the damage they may do over time at high doses.

    • As a person with experience with homeopathy, I have never heard of homeopathic Nux Vomica being “hard on the liver.” Homeopathic remedies generally do not have side effects like prescription drugs or even some herbal medicines.

      Even if there was issue like that with homeopathic remedies, it would most likely be a result of the body working with its healing mechanisms on its own.

  • That is really cool. I know anti-venom is derived from animal and insect venom, and is used for treating bites and stings.

    What I didn’t know is that same method can be applied to other substances. I guess I never really stopped to think about it . This article just taught me something new.

    I have a family member living on the East Coast who’s had trouble over the years. They’re clean now, but considered “high risk.” I don’t want to divulge too much information because it’s a sensitive topic.

    Hopefully this information will provide some help. Thank you!


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