The Arsenicum album homeopathic remedy is made from arsenic poison, a very toxic and painful substance that has been in extensive use for centuries, since 1250 CE.

The Mongolians used tiny doses of arsenic for strength in construction, work, and war. People have used this poison for centuries to poison and lethally assassinate others. In fact, it’s even rumored that Napoleon died by arsenic poisoning. 

When a person is poisoned by non-homeopathic arsenic in high doses, he or she may experience the following symptoms:

  • nausea.
  • vomiting.
  • burning pains.
  • bleeding in digestive system.
  • stools covered in blood.
  • abdominal cramps.
  • rice water stools.
  • lose water in all cells in body leading to convulsions and subsequent death.
  • causes weakness of muscles, cannot lift things.
  • throat tightens.
  • extremities swell.
  • neuropathy pains.
  • causes skin cancer.


When used in lower doses, it kills a person more slowly via dehydration. Arsenic also has a drastic affect on the digestive system.

Aside from it’s poisonous aspects, arsenic was traditionally used for centuries in paint as green wall paper, in order to avoid insect infestation. Additionally, when arsenic is burned, it gives off a garlic-like odor.

Knowing the substances toxicology, we can better understand how Arsenic can homeopathically treat patients who have physical, mental, and emotional symptoms as they may be similar to the effects caused by actual arsenic poisoning.

This video by homeopath Misha Borland may paint you a pretty good picture of what your classic Arsenicum patient may look like:



Here are the symptoms that homeopathic Arsenic can treat…


Mind Symptoms

May have issues with dehydration and/or age.

Feeling of depreciation, decline, decay.

Want of youth again.

Need to make sure their possessions, money, health are in reach, in order, and ready to go at anytime. Their insecurity is the root of the need for order.

They have a mania for cleaning and order.


Extreme fear of disease, robbers, and death.

Fastidious (obsessed with order & cleanliness), even with appearance.

They put a lot of attention to even the smallest detail.

Inability to begin a new task unless everything is in order.


BIG anxiety about health. INSECURITY IS ABOUT DYING & DISEASE. They are major restless, anxious, hypochondriacs who believe that the world is a horrible, hostile place.

Insecurity is not about a lack of confidence, social things, or job, rather…..
They believe: “Bad things are coming to me!” I need order, cleanliness, and security, and I need to go to the doctor and speak to the homeopath, even 3x before the next followup.

They’ll freak out over every little thing..sneezing, symptoms, world events, etc.

Arsenicum patients may have a deep insecurity about the world around them.

Fears: of being alone, poverty, death, disease, and cancer. They may have more fears.

They may be cheap, try to store up as many possession as they can in case they may lose it, good for their security.


Everything is worse alone, everything is magnified.

You want all employees and workers as Arsenicum type people.

But, you wouldn’t want to invite them to a party.

They may be in the office longer than others.

They tend to call you more than they should; expect some annoyance when on the phone with them.

Also, they hassle you, which is rooted in anxiety and insecurity.


Physical Symptoms


Very weak individuals, prostration, no strength in limbs.

Feels freezing cold as well.

Unquenchable thirst for cold water, tiny sip at a time.

Terrible burning pains.

Worse at night, around midnight.

Cold pins and needles sensation

Legs and arms may feel numb.

Creates swelling around the eyes and eyelids.

Their body may waste away – no appetite, nausea, liver stops working properly, break down overtime.

Renaud’s disease. Tips of the extremities turn blue and painful, numb.

Great gangrene remedy.

Darkening, loss of pigment.

Horizontal white lines on fingers.

Puffiness around eyes.


Throat is hoarse.

Puffiness, redness, itching in allergies.

Dark discoloration of the skin in the abdomen, like pencil marks.

Rice water stools.

Skin, joints.


Pains around lower extremities.

Very sensitive to touch.



Acute Uses


  • For any acute sickness such as the flu where there is a lot of restlessness, anxiety, chilliness, and the patient is thirsty but only drinks small amounts of water.
  • Fever with delirium.
  • Burning pharyngitis, which is better by warm drinks.
  • Gastroenteritis along with vomiting and diarrhea, which may occur at the same time.
  • Acute asthma with anxiety, restlessness, and thirst.
  • Spring allergies.
  • Used at the end of life, helps people pass on from this reality to the next.


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