Arsenicum Album Homeopathic Remedy: Chronic & Acute Uses

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arsenicum album homeopathic remedy

The Arsenicum album homeopathic remedy is made from arsenic poison, a very toxic and painful substance that has been in extensive use for centuries, since 1250 CE.

The Mongolians used tiny doses of arsenic for strength in construction, work, and war. People have used this poison for centuries to poison and lethally assassinate others. In fact, it’s even rumored that Napoleon died by arsenic poisoning.  Read More

Mercurius Homeopathic Remedy: Chronic & Acute Uses

mercurius homeopathic remedy

The Mercurius homeopathic remedy comes from mercury. When mercury in its actual form is ingested, it can poisons the victim slowly and can also cause violent and ferocious pains throughout the body.

So too, when mercury is converted into a safe and gentle homeopathic remedy, it can treat those same physical symptoms as well as similar mind symptoms. Read More

Allium Cepa & It’s Homeopathic Uses


Allium cepa is derived from the red onion. We may eat these all the time and use their sharp tastes in foods such as salads, meats, or we even eat them plain. Side effects include bath breath :).



The Homeopathic Onion

Homeopathically, this remedy has very few mind symptoms and generally used in more acute cases such as allergies.

Therefore, when this remedy for acute ailments, it’s unnecessary to extensively focus on the mind issues.

In fact, Allium is considered to be one of the top coryza remedies, and it’s known to be very effective for acute colds and hay fever.  Read More

Morrison’s Desktop Guide – A Very Unique Materia Medica for Homeopathy

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Product: Desktop Guide: To Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms by Dr. Roger Morrison, M.D. (A materia medica for homeopathy)

Price: $69.98

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Guarantee: Accepted and used by almost all certified homeopaths.

As a matter of fact, this one is used primarily in certification exams

Tested: One of my top 2 M.M.’s used

My Rating:  9.5/10



Not Your Classic Materia Medica For Homeopathy

Sometimes, it hard to come across a neatly organized and easy-to-digest homeopathic Materia Medica or for that matter, or any medical reference book.

There are many great ones out there, like Robin Murphy’s Materia Medica, which is popular among homeopaths and naturopaths.

But even with great materia medicas, many of the best still have flaws.

Many of these books are too long, confusing, or not practically efficient for patient use.

Of course, no materia medica or remedy directory is perfect, but for studying and clinical purposes, there is a lack of solid books that can be used for both. Read More


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