Nordic Naturals Fish Oil Review – The Wonders of Fatty Fish

nordic naturals fish oil review

In this brief Nordic Naturals fish oil review, I will go over the basic product details of this fish oil as well as the benefits and cons that you should know before considering this product.

Because fish oil is a great natural supplement, it’s crucial to find the right product that can enhance your physical well being without any ill effects.


Product: Nordic Naturals Complete Omega Fish Oil.

Price: $25.95   $21.99.nordic naturals fish oil review

Cheapest Place to Buy: Thrive Market. 

Tested: Yes.

Guarantee: Best when used 3 months after opening.

My Rating:  8/10.


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Take a Breather: Here’s Some Homeopathic Anxiety Relief!

Homeopathic Anxiety Relief

Things like homeopathic anxiety relief are so crucial our day and age when anxiety is so common.

Throughout life, we are bombarded with pressures, pressures, and more pressures. Whether it’s coming from school, work, family, or something else, the pressures endured from life may wear us down over time.

Often times, these pressures may accumulate and build up. Or they may just get more intense while being dealt with by a normal person like you and I.

This may lead a person to develop any type of anxiety.

Anxiety is our nervous system’s response to an unclear threat or danger we may perceive ourselves to be in.

Benefits of Anxiety…Huh?

To a certain extent, anxiety can actually be beneficial for us at times.

It can cause us to be more cautious when driving, to maintain solid and cordial relationships with others, or it could indirectly enable us to complete certain tasks we need to do at work or school.

But in many cases it’s not always the case…..

For many people, even in light situations like these, the feelings of panic, fear, and worry can greatly intensify and occur more frequently, leading one to be in a constant state of discomfort and uneasiness.

This can lead to a variety of anxiety disorders such as phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders, and panic attacks.


Don’t Get Anxious From These Statistics

Unfortunately, the statistics seem to show that people are LARGELY affected by anxiety. As a wise man once told me: “People sometimes even get anxiety from not having anxiety!”

Here are just some results from previous studies:

  • Anxiety has been found to be the most common psychological disorder in the United States.
  • 18% of adults suffer from anxiety.
  • Out of that percentage, around 1/5 of those adults seek treatment.
  • Anxiety disorders have cost a staggering $42 billion each year in medical expenses, decreased work wages, and a lack of productivity.


So we see that clearly, acute anxiety is not a joke. It’s pretty serious.


What WE Can Do To Treat Anxiety

There are tons of methods out there to treat a specific anxiety disorder, such as client-centered therapy, relaxation training, biofeedback, and medication.

Though some of these and other therapies may help, some may either offer very little aid or even cause major, dangerous side effects.

Homeopathic Anxiety Relief

On the other hand, properly applied homeopathy can be efficiently used to aid in one’s anxiety issues.

In a safe and gentle manner, it has and is being used to restore calm and peace to anxious patients seeking anxiety relief.

Homeopathic anxiety relief can be applied both in more long-term, chronic cases and in short-term, acute cases.

As a student of homeopathy, I’ve personally witnessed countless clinical cases of chronic patients who have had anxiety in one form or another in their entire lives.

After trying multiple therapies and drugs, many had and continue to seek homeopathy to relieve their symptoms, and they have transformed and blossomed since.

And yes, clinical research has shown the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies in treating anxiety!

Here are some great acute remedies that can provide you with homeopathic anxiety relief:




Aconite is best suited for situations in which the anxiety is caused by a sudden, intense shock of an event or incident, such as a car accident, extremely unpleasant news, or a natural disaster.

The patient will very likely feel distressed, restless, and scared. They will have a strong fear of death  and possibly trauma from a past, disagreeable event.

Physical symptoms may include dry skin and mouth and a fast heartbeat.


Argenticum nitricum


For someone who is very anxious because he or she can apprehend that something bad is going to happen should consider Argentum Nitricum.

The fear of the future is a major aspect of these acute remedy. As he or she dwells more on the future, he or she will become more anxious and nervous.Homeopathic Anxiety Relief

It also makes Argenticum a key remedy for panic attacks as well as to soothe one’s fear of heights.

Argetum patients also have a strong anxiety revolving around self-control in one or more aspects of their lives.



Arsenicum album


Arsenicums tend to worry over security and safety issues. These issues may include health, thieves, or business.

To protect themselves, they will be fastidious, narcissistic, and perfectionist in dealing with this type of anxiety. They are critical of others but simultaneously feel ameliorated around others as well.





If one is anxiously concerned for another person and the anxiety grows as he or she continues to take care and be concerned for their well-being for a long-term period of time, then Cocculis should be considered.

This is especially so when the person is overly tired, exhausted, and weakened from traveling or taking care of the sick.





Like Argentum, Gelsemium can help with anxiety anticipation. The patient will become so anxious and nervous that he or she will need to go to the bathroom.


Homeopathic Anxiety Relief


Gelsemium can also help in cases where anxiety is present, more particularly in influenza cases that may lead to stasis, labor pains, cardiac arrests, chest pains, and anginas.

As a professional homeopath, I have seen many successful cases with Gelsemium particularly for clients dealing with strong anxiety and sleepiness along with the flu.



Similar to Arsencium album, Kali-Arsenicosum also contains an anxiety for one’s health. But, it is different in the sense that the person anxiously focuses on heart problems, such as heart disease or a heart attack.

It may even lead to panic attacks or even sleeping with one’s hand over the heart.

Anxiety will be worse at night and they will often feel chilly. They may even imagine seeing dead people.





Kali-phosphoricum is highly recommended for those who experience anxiety as a result of feeling overwhelmed. They are very prone to being alarmed, stressed, afraid, and sensitive.

Their anxiety can also cause them to be easily exhausted or irritated. They feel physical symptoms from being overworked, overexcited, and worried.

Kali-phosphoricums will a strong fear of the future and can have nervous breakdowns.





When one experiences anxiety from stage fright, Lycopodium should be the first remedy to consider.

Lycopodiums will be nervous during a presentation or when speaking in public, but after a certain midpoint, they will feel fine and perform adequately.

Lycopodium patients will also have anxiety in new social settings and situations. In those cases, they will cover their anxiety up with boasting and swagger.

Homeopathic Anxiety Relief
Lycopodium is derived from club moss

In any case, Lycopodium patients’ anxiety will be followed by bloating and they tend to love sweets.

I have actually taken Lycopodium 200c for chronic issues and saw the most tremendous results for my own specific symptoms, which included anxiety and bloating.

I still use this remedy when necessary, especially in cases where I feel gassy or bloated.

So I can definitely attest that Lycopodium can be very effective!





A patient that needs Phosphorus will have tons of anxieties, especially when they are alone. And of course, they feel better when around others. 

Phosphorous patients are also known to be sensitive, social, and kind.

They will also have a lot of fears, such as ghosts, thunderstorms, and the dark. They can also be very emphatic and suggestible, and they have vivid imaginations.

Homeopathic Anxiety Relief – Potency

The acute remedies listed above should be taken at a 30c potency, unless otherwise advised by your local homeopath.

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