Great hair is considered as one of the most admired features of the human body. It is natural for everyone to want luxurious flowing hair. Unfortunately, some people are not well endowed in that sector, and it could be because of hair loss or other factors.

Hair loss is natural, and everyone gets to experience it at least once in their lifetime. The only issue is when it happens, and is it okay to lose hair when young. Various factors cause hair loss, and this article gets to explain them in depth. Once the cause of hair loss is determined, it is easier to restore it.

Studies done by scientists have leaned on human lifestyle is one of the significant hair loss causes. Below are some of the habits that can cause your hair to fall out.

12 Bad Habits That Can Cause Hair Loss (source: The Barbr)

Unhealthy Eating and Taking Protein Shakes

Hair, just like any other part of the body like nails, indicates the type of vitamins, nutrients that you are taking through meals or different ways. Healthy hair is a clear indication that a person is eating the right kind of nutrients in a good way. Unhealthy eating can cause hair thinning or even change in the color of the hair.

For instance, if you had black hair, it may turn to a dull black or brown, indicating something is wrong in the body. Junk food counts as unhealthy eating that can be traced to your hair. It should be noted that going through a crash diet or taking unnecessary medication is a cause for hair loss. Crash dieting and taking protein shakes means that some nutrients will be suppressed, leading to hair loss.

Smoking and Taking Alcohol

Another unhealthy habit can be categorized as a hair loss cause is taking alcohol and smoking. In the past, smoking was not considered as a cause for hair loss. However, recent studies show that smoking is one of the significant causes for hair loss. Smoking causes an alteration in the DNA of hair follicles, causing damage and hair loss.

On the other hand, drinking is very harmful, especially if done excessively. Just like smoking, heavy drinking causes hair loss in both women and men. If alcohol considerably affects the liver, you can imagine the effect it has on hair.

Application of Excess Heat and Numerous Hair Products

Hair is very receptive, and it responds to how it is treated. One of the most significant bad habits that people have is using a lot of hair products and heat on their hair. Hair has its oils that require just a little bit of boosting looking healthy. However, when you use a lot of products and different brands on hair, it affects its natural state.

The other weakening factor that leads to hair loss on the go is applying too much heat regularly. Heat destroys protein found in hair, weakening the follicles hence hair loss. It is only logical to use heat only when necessary, like just drying it to ensure that it is not damaged. Hair products (numerous) and heat are some of the reasons that get overlooked as bad habits affecting hair or causing hair loss.

Increased Gym Activity

Working out is excellent, especially if you require to be in shape. Although the activities should be done in moderation, because it leads to increased testosterone in men. Research shows that testosterone rise in men is one of the factors that lead to hair loss.


Stress is one of the critical factors that affect hair loss and your health in general. Stress leads to healthy lifestyles and poor eating habits. Stress from anywhere, especially from home and work, can be threatening to hair growth.

Styling of Hair

Hair needs to be tied appropriately to avoid exerting pressure on individual follicles, weakening the structure. Men lose their hair when they tie it in man buns a common trend. Women too, get affected by poor hair styling leading to alopecia.

Inadequate Knowledge on How to Handle Wet Hair

Wet hair requires delicate handling since the follicles are fragile when wet and can break easily. It is important to note that materials like towels tend to break hair ends when used for drying hair.

Pills Popping

Some people have the habit of taking pills even when they are not required to do so. Medicine can be curative but when used in the wrong way can be harmful. Also, popping pills involves taking supplements that are not doctor recommended to boost hair growth. Such pills need to be certified by the foods and drugs association board before consumption.

Crash Dieting

As much as dieting cleanses the body of toxins, it deprives or washes away important nutrients. If dieting is done suddenly it can affect a lot of organs in the body and hair too.

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