The Baryta carbonica homeopathic remedy is originally derived from barium carbonate (BACO3).

It is a chemical compound that has several everyday uses such as for rat poison, cement, and ceramic glazes.

To check out its chemical processes in detail, see Wikipedia.



Mind Symptoms


Childish behavior.

Slow physical development.

Small stature, dwarfishness.

Slow reactions, such as delays in crying.

Late learning in walking, talking, teething.

Late puberty. Likes to play with toys at an older age


Known to hide behind Mom or furniture in front of strangers.

Uneasy in front of others.

Bashful, shy.



Easily frightened.

They think that they’re talked about or laughed at.


Sits in corner.

Easily lonely.

Not attracted to kids, kids don’t wanna hang with him.


Hard for them to learn anything.

Can be intellectually advanced but development can be arrested on another level.

Used in severe retardation, physically handicapped.

Can be very weak and needs others to do things for them.

Poor concentration and easily distracted.

Poor memory.


Emotionally fearful of something happening.

Afraid of strange events, things unfamiliar happening to them.

Something could happen!

Don’t see difference between reality and imagination.

They think a lot about cares and worries.

They have lots of worries.

The more they think about things, the worse they feel.

They whine a lot.

Afraid to be alone, of the dark.

Poor self confidence.


They feel pressured when asked questions.

Easily teased and put down.

Big social worry.

Don’t stand up for themselves. They may tend to walk on their knees.

“I’m small, everyone is big.”

“I feel so vulnerable.”

Can be easily abused by others.




Younger people may act much older than they should.

Child looks like a little old person.

Baryta carbonica children may act like an old person – brain fag, exhaustion, worn out.

Worse after prolonged mental work.

May be in a relationship when he/she feels like a child and the other acts like a parent.

Doesn’t matter the relationship.


Cannot make decisions for themselves, even as an adult.

Fear of cancer.

Very cautious.




Physical Symptoms


Bed wetting.

Biting nails.

Small head.

Weak stamina.

Weakness of muscles.

Falling out of hair.

Hearing impaired early.

Early cataracts.

Headache, seems as if the brain is loose.

Catarrh in mucus, nose, larynx.

Rattling in chest from old people.

Worse from cold weather.


Longstanding constipation.

Hard to process food from their environment.

Hard eating.


Distended belly.


Spasms of the esophagus that can cause gagging choking.

Laryngeal problems.

Loses voice.

Dry, barking cough.

Suffocative cough of old people, cannot cough it up.

Cannot cough up phlegm because of their weakness [Anti-tart].


One organ may not develop as quickly as others.

Weak bones.

Weak infants.


Lymphatic Glands: gland swellings, large swollen tonsils, tonsils feel like a ball, breathes with mouth open, mouth tends to hang open.


Extremities: trembling of feet, walks like toddler.


Sexual Conditions: impotence, sterile, erectile dysfunction.


Acute Conditions



Extreme nightmares.


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