Even though exercise has been known to increase energy levels, improve sleep and reduce the risk of developing serious health conditions, apart from helping us achieve our ideal figure, the reason that usually prevents us from participating in some form of physical activity is the lack of motivation and determination. Thankfully, team workouts might be the answer to those common motivational issues, and they might even be better for your overall health than working out alone. Here are some of the biggest benefits of exercising with a group:

A sense of accountability

Whether we dreamt about shedding a few extra pounds or improving our health, we’ve all been in that situation where we plan on going to the gym, but we just end up making excuses and staying at home instead. However, when you have a group of people behind you who support and encourage you, and expect you to show up to your scheduled workouts, there isn’t much room for excuses and lies. What’s more, joining a team workout can also give you more motivation to push through those moments of insecurity, and inspire you to be persistent, perseverant and achieve all of your fitness goals.

A sense of accountability

Better quality of life

It’s a well-known fact that exercise has endless benefits for our health and well-being, not only helping us to stay in optimal shape, but also keep our body strong and resilient, and our mind happy and calm. However, many people make the mistake of thinking that going to the gym or doing cardio at home is the only valid form of working out. The truth is that any type of physical activity that works up a sweat is a wonderful option. So, if you don’t care much about fitness, you can gather your best friends, equip yourself with a ball and a post, a pair of sports sneakers and a quality netball skirt, and have fun playing a wonderful game of netball with your girls. No matter which type of activity you opt for, the most important thing is to stay active and keep moving.

Group Camaraderie

Even though some of us might be a bit introverted, humans are generally quite social beings that enjoy laughing, having fun and simply spending time with other people, which might be one of the best products of a team workout setting.

If you join a boot camp or a fitness class, for example, chances are you’re constantly going to see the same faces and eventually start conversations with people, which will quickly grow from a simple chat about your daily exercise routine to exchanging common hobbies and interests, and even scheduling meet-ups outside the gym setting. Before you know it, these conversations will lead to new and unique friendships that might even last a lifetime.

Group Camaraderie

A boost of confidence

No matter who we are or what we look like, all of us have certain insecurities about ourselves and our bodies. Team workouts can truly help us get over those doubts and increase our self-esteem. Not only will regular physical activity help you achieve a slimmer and more toned figure, but more experienced people who have joined your group workout can also show you how to use gym equipment, improve your posture and do exercises properly, giving you that added boost of confidence to fulfill your fitness goals. But that self-esteem and improved self-image won’t only be beneficial at the gym – it can transfer to other areas of your life, helping you become a happier, more satisfied and more successful person.

Whether you decide to join a fitness class or take a few friends to the gym with you, don’t be afraid to leave your house and experience the benefits that exercising with a group has on both your physical and your mental health – your body will be eternally grateful.

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