Nobody enjoys a sore throat on any occasion. The swollen, painful, and inflamed sensations can ruin anyone’s day, and with the side effects and inefficiency of conventional drugs, many are trying to figure out what’s the best sore throat remedy that works.

If you feel that you are one of those people, then your in the right place!

Sore throats are a common occurrence and it hits everybody – men, women, and children of all ages, and may include all different types of symptoms such as…


  • swollen tonsils.
  • inability to swallow.
  • inflammation.
  • pus.


But with the following natural and holistic solutions, you can guarantee yourself a safer and more efficient recovery, all without pharmaceutical side effects and complications.



Naturopathy – Mother Earth To The Rescue!


There are several naturopathic and home-made remedies that you should definitely consider for sore throat infections.

My favorite natural, non-homeopathic  remedy that I have personally used is Manuka  Best Sore Throat Remedyhoney.

This special New Zealand honey has exponentially more anti-bacterial enzymes than regular honey and has been backed by research in its clinical use.

I have actually taken a spoonful of Manuka honey previously for sore throats, and it helped treat my sore throat within a few minutes.

I actually wrote an entire post dedicated to the health benefits of Manuka honey, which can read here.

This can give you a better picture of the details and uses of Manuka honey in general.


Other Naturopathic Ideas…


Other recommended natural remedies include:


  • Fish oil (a family favorite!).
  •  Best Sore Throat RemedyGargling with salt water (another family favorite!).
  • Hot drinks such as throat-coat teas and other hot teas.
  • Zinc.
  • Vitamin C.


Homeopathy – Energy Medicine At It’s Finest


Naturopathic remedies can really help, but a proper, well indicated homeopathic remedy can get the job done just as well, if not better!


 Best Sore Throat Remedy


What I love about the use of homeopathy in treating sore throats is that each and every single remedy is unique and specific to different sore throat conditions that a person may have.

There isn’t one sore throat medicine for every sore throat condition, as you have it in allopathic and even in natural medicines.

Rather, each remedy matches to the unique symptoms a sore throat patient has.

This applies to the totality of a person’s physical as well as mental and emotional symptoms.

Hence the reason why so many people turn to homeopaths over the phone or in clinical practice for acute and chronic sore throat infections for their loved ones, children, or themselves.

Here are some of the top homeopathic remedies and the specific sore throat symptoms that they can treat:





Sore throats appear rapidly, and there is usually inflammation on the right side of the throat area. Best Sore Throat Remedy

The Belladonna patient’s throat will consist of a very red pharynx and tonsils, which are swollen.

Strangely, their tongues in this situation usually consists of a strawberry color.

Additionally, they are worse from coughing and swallowing.

They will have a high fever, flushed face, and cold hands and feet.

Mentally, they will be angry and irritable. Watch out!



Hepar Sulphur

Sore throats with pus is a big indication for this remedy.

The throat pains tend to be sharp, splinter-like, and radiating pains

Patients needing this remedy will tend to be worse at night and by cold drinks and food, but are better for warmth and warm drinks

Another indication requiring this remedy is that the patient will be very chilly and will want to cover themselves with warm sheets, and even cover their throat as well.





Derived from the bushmaster snake, Lachesis is a top homeopathic remedy for all types of sore throats. Best Sore Throat Remedy

Throat pains tend to be left sided, but can go from left to right, along with lump or constricting sensations.

They may also have swollen uvulas.

Lachesis tonsils can either be deep, red or purple in color

In advanced cases, you may see oozing blood, ulceration, or excoriation as well.

Lachesis patients generally feel better at night, with sleep, and also feel their best on waking.

They also prefer eating solids than liquids, and they feel better by swallowing.

Lastly, they tend to be warm blooded and they may have complaints regarding the heat or change of season.




In Mercurius patients, sore throats will tend to appear at the end of a cold.

Their sore throats may also include sinuses, foul odor, drool, pus, ulcerations, and increased saliva.

The symptoms may also be intense with a dirty throat and tonsilsworse at night. Their tongues may either have a dirty white or yellow color.

Generally, they are worse from the heat or cold.

Mercurius is great for either acute or recurring pharyngitis or tonsillitis.

On a mental plane, they may be fussy and difficult to settle down, especially in children.




Patients needing Apis will tend to have a shiny, red, inflamed throat,  along with  Best Sore Throat Remedyswollen tonsils and uvula.

The burning, stinging pains experienced by Apis patients occur even without swallowing.

A key indication for this remedy is the fact that they have a fishbone sensation in their throat.




This remedy can treat right sided sore throats that have burning pains, alongside with post nasal drip.

They are better by warm drinks.



Ferrum Phosphorous


This remedy is best for acute, non-violent tonsils, alongside throat burning pains and a hoarse voice.

People needing this remedy tend to be better from cold applications and weather.




Lycopodium sore throats are worse right sided, or the throat pain goes from right to left.

Generally they feel worse  between 4-8PM.

Typically they are better by warm drinks and worse by cold drinks.


 Best Sore Throat Remedy




The remedy Phytolacca can treat sore throats that consist of shooting pains from throat into ears.

In general, there will be pain at the root of the tongue upon sticking out the tongue, as well as a raw, rough feeling in the throat.

There will also be a swollen, constricted throat sensation as well as swollen glands in the neck.


Baryta Carbonicum


Baryta carbonicum is a major sore throat remedy specifically for chronic, recurring tonsillitis and sore throats.

Treatable by this remedy are hugely swollen tonsils (“kissing tonsils”), and large, hard cervical glands.

If there is a loss of hearing from enlarged tonsils and adenoids, then Baryta should be considered.

Generally, Baryta patients are worse at night, from speaking, and from empty swallowing.





When there is a loss of voice and a sore throat with laryngitis, consider Causticum.

Lac Caninum


This remedy can treat inflamed tonsils and pharynx, that may worsen into ulcers and suppuration.

The sore throat pain may alternates sides and/or extend to the ears on swallowing.

The patient may generally be worse from warm drinks and better from cold drinks.


The Best Sore Throat Remedy: A LOT To Choose From!

With any or all of these natural sore throat remedies, you can’t go wrong.

You can use Mother Nature’s naturopathic methods such as Manuka honey or fish oil to heal.

Homeopathic care is another option that will not only help with your sore throat, but also can enhance your general wellness and vitality as a whole.

I recommend using a combination of both. It can only help you and they don’t counteract each other.

About the author

Ariel Baradarian

Ariel Baradarian, CCH is an experienced holistic certified homeopathic practitioner with success in addressing a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical ailments in men, women, and children of all stripes. He works both alongside local medical and integrative doctors and their patients as well as with his own growing, global private practice, both in person in his office in Queens, NY and globally via video chat sessions. Ariel is also a natural health blogger and chief editor of, which is dedicated to helping others heal on all levels using various types of natural healing, including homeopathy. In addition, he is the New York Producer of the Vibrant Living Network, an inspiring organization dedicated to promoting a community natural and holistic health, mindful consciousness, relational intelligence and more!

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  • Hello, This post is great, I will find this so useful, I suffer from sore throats quite often, I love the way you write your information, It is very simple yet detailed at the same time, The images you use are very nice and relevant too, I look forward to your upcoming content, Thank you.

  • Ariel,
    I did not now there were this many types of sore throats. I use the warm salt water when I have a bad sore throat. I will look into some of your other suggestions the next time I have a sore throat looking at remedies that are closer to my symptoms.
    I know that honey is very good for you, I may get some of the Manuka honey and keep it on hand.
    Thanks for your information.

    • Anytime John! And yes, not all sore throats are the same. A very basic concept in holistic medicine, each person may have their own pains, modalities, etc. You won’t always found the same exact symptoms in 2 different people.

      Thanks for reading!

  • A sore throat is one of the most miserable ways to be sick, and I always want mine gone as soon as possible! You have shared here so many remedies that are great for natural healing! Personally, I use essential oils and I like to use OnGuard when I’m sick, but I will have to look into some of these remedies that you’ve shared for the next time I’ve got a sore throat.

    • Thanks!

      By the way essential oils are good too. I think these home remedies could better help you though, but definitely the oils should still be kept handy just in case!

  • Hi there,
    Isn’t it amazing how fate steps in? My 11-year old has been suffering quite badly with a sore throat for the past 4 days and then I came across this! I can totally vouch fro Manuka Honey, as I am a New Zealander – it’s been around for a good while now and has such good anti-bacterial properties too. I really like the way you have broken down the different types of sore throats by their individual symptoms – really helpful. Thanks for a great article.

  • Interesting site. A LOT of information about natural remedies. I liked the way you put the sales page for products on the landing page and then fleshed out the rest of the site with informative content.

    An interesting point is that you named sore throat types with the herbal or other product that you are selling. A unique writing styles. Good salesmanship I think too.
    Keep up what you are doing. Hope you get lots of traffic.
    I think your site might really convert.


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