Bryonia Homeopathic Remedy: Mentals, Emotionals, Physicals

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Also known as English mandrake or white bryony, the Bryonia homeopathic remedy is derived is a gourd plant with origins in Europe and northern Iran.

It is known to be an injurious, poisonous plant that can destroy other nearby plants and grows extensively on fences, walls, and other natural or man-made structures. 

If the plant can’t grow on a tall structure, it can alternatively grow into a dense herbal mat, and then from there can grow onto nearby structures.

It can grow so high to the point that when established on a structure, it can block out the sun or rain from its host.

Affinities: for membranes that suspends and permits motion such as meninges, pleura, peritoneum, synovial, bursa, tendons, ligaments, nerve sheaths, interstitial connective tissue.


Here’s a good remedy picture of Bryonia by homeopath Misha Norland in this clip:




Mind Symptoms



Not fancy

Not sophisticated

Not particularly refined

Works hard for security

Business thinking


Averse to company

Focused on survival

“A great Dad remedy.”

They DO NOT have a deep personality, emotionally dry as a bone, no feelings

Possible initial complaints: headaches, sciatica, arthritis, constipation


Reliable, methodical


Better for quiet, rest, and laying on the painful part

They like to be home because it’s safe, secure…“why do I need to go anywhere?”

Irritable, peevish, snappy. “Leave me alone!”

Samuel Hahnemann: Bryonia’s can be industrious, works hard, focused on business, a bit of worry with business, needing to get something done, I need to get stuff done

Anxiety about business. Trying to reach a place of comfort. I work for practical reasons, for security


Anxious dreams of business

Needs stability/security as a means of holding on, sensitivity to movement. Not adventurous. Can be sporty

Insecurity…fear of the future. They can’t deal with stuff outside of their control


Irritability & wanting to be left alone  – “I wanna do what has to be done!”


Physical Symptoms



Dry physicals, anything dry agg, all rubrics are dry

Great thirst and they gulp liquids at large quantities

Not much urine, dry hard stools. Easily constipated

Stitching pains, sharp stabbing pains, ARTHRITIS, gout, WORSE FROM MOVEMENT

Slow onset of symptoms, all symptoms are aggravated by the least motion!!

Moving eyes hurt, joint pain, abdominal pain

With appendicitis or any other pain:  better by lying on painful spot

Joints: red, swollen, stiff, stitching pains from the least motion, affinity for the large joints

Coughs: colds travel to the chest, dry hard painful cough, pleurisy pneumonia, bronchitis, mastitis, hot painful breast, better for heat, worse from motion [dd: Phytolocca]

Headaches: aggravated by motion, even in the eyes, tends to be left-sided headache, extends to occiput then whole heat, worse in morning, worse by ironing, worse when constipated, better pressure

Vertigo: worse moving, worse rising in the morning, sensation as if sinking into the bed

Mouth: tongue is white/brownish, dry mouth, cracked lips

Gastrointestinal: constipation with a dry rectum, dry hard stool, stomach pains, worse pain, worse vomiting, heaviness, lump stone in stomach after eating

Generalities: warm blooded, better by heat, better in open air, cold drinks, ailments from getting overheated and then chilled, worse 9PM, worse by rising, worse by motion, better by stillness, better by pressure,

Injuries: #1 from broken ribs, better bandaged


Acute Uses


Meningitis, jaw wiggling

Encephalitis [inflammation of the brain]



Nausea and vomiting from dietary digressions

#1 remedy for appendicitis



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