Cleatech’s Down flow Hoods are countless, benchtop unit with a made-in blower module. The refusal pressure system saves the machinist from dangerous fumes, vapors, and powders by obtaining them from the working area via the pierced work edge.

The open frame permits movement and also allows you multiple units place side by side for work area to the workers.

All replicascontain a separately stainless steel work surface and a washable pre-filter that restricts large particles from moving through.

Dutch less fume hoods designed to prevents the workers and the environment from dangerous vapors produced on the work surface. Unlimited front and side acquire to the ductless workstation container applications need complex plus intensive operator engagement, while downward airflow in the chamber keeps the operator.

How to Building you’re Walk-in Down flow Hoods?

Large setups need to use these down flow hoods which are exclusively designed to meet all the facilities and needs. There are so many optional services are given and available in walk-in down flow hoods.

What are the features and benefits of walk-in down flow hoods?

1. Walk-in down flow hoods is now accessible in 3 standard sizes, in metal or polypropylene development, totaling 6 models.

2. Extensive units comprise two or more workstations can be located side-by-side with joining association option.

3. Declining airflow saves functioning from fume and particle havoc.

4. Unrestricted front and side approach to work area.

5. Lose airflow also alert of insufficient velocity.

6. It is easy to get and change the capability filters.

7. Itsunique features make it amazing and design it at another level. It also removes leakage from the cabinet outside.

Steel Support Frame:

The chemical resistant coated steel frame attaches mechanical strength. Selected all polypropylene buildings are accessible if wished to see accessories.

Work Surface:

Under the stainless steel inside the working edge is a polypropylene tray to hold any splash.

Filter Door Key:

Filter available keys save illegal erodes or accidental exposure to filthy filters.

Control Panel:

Electronic hold and displays consist of switches for the blower and low airflow alarm and electronic hour counter and help to control and saves them.

Other features:

1. Side Panels and Front Sash:

When download, opted side panels and optional front sash gives better action of dangerous vapors. The Front Sash is not difficult to open and close.

2.270 Degree Visibility:

Legal user uses to the front and sides of the workstation also accept surroundings brighten and give an unobstructed eye of its contents.

3. Standards Compliant:

Performance identity and developed meet or increased OSHA, ANSI and relevant international standards to make sure operator protection.

4. Construction:

All models are easily accessible in either metal or polypropylene construction, Optional chart for enumerating and dimensions. Detail metal or polypropylene when ordering, Available in 120V, 60Hz or 230V, 50Hz models.


Down flow fume hoods which are also known as down flow work stations. They are usually tubeless fume hoods that are made to save the lab personnel and also the environment from dangerous vapors gives rise to the work surface. A decline in airflow is produce and havoc vapors are collected through slits in the work surface.

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