Calcarea Phosphorica Homeopathic Remedy Benefits

The Calcarea phosphorica homeopathic remedy is derived from the chemical compound calcium phosphate.

Because of this combination, it homeopathically contains aspects of two major polycrest remedies: Calcarea carbonica and Phosphorous.



Remedy Summary

This video produced by Dr. Todd Rowe of the American Medical College of Homeopathy:


Calcarea phosphorica has the following bodily affinities. These are the remedy’s most well known uses:


  • nutrition.
  • structure, especially the neck.
  • bones, tissues, periosteum, cartilage.
  • assimilations of minerals responsible for growth.
  • glands.
  • nerves.
  • abdomen.
  • vertex.
  • chest.
  • respiratory system.
  • physiological aspects of growth


Mental/Emotional Constitution

People needing this remedy tend to be more dynamic. They deal with tensions between protection and expansion. This inner conflict results in feeling trapped, oppressed, or suffocated in this type of tension.  calcarea phosphorica homeopathic remedy

Among other reasons, this is why Calcarea phosphorica is considered to be a tubercular remedy. 

Similarly, they may feel that they are growing too fast. This results in experiencing weakness and feeling physically consumed.

Like other tubercular remedies, the Calcarea phosphorica type will enjoy travel and going to places. 

Other notable aspects of Calcarea phosphorica people include:

  • discontentment. 
  • peevishness.
  • sighing, but not knowing why.
  • indignation.



Phosphoric Influence

Calcarea phosphorica shares many similarities with Phosphorous. This includes feeling mentally and emotionally active, sympathetic, fearful of thunderstorms, and getting aggravated from ice cream and cold foods.

However, the level of activity found in this remedy is not as intense as Phosphorous.


Keynote Symptom


One give-a-way for this remedy is the fact that they want to travel and get away, but when they to their destination they want to go home.

If you see someone with this mentality, along with some of the other indicated symptoms, consider Calcarea phosphorica.


Themes of Transitions

People needing this remedy will also go through various mental, emotional, and physical ailments related to transition. This can be related to a variety of factors, such as a change in seasons, life decisions, maturing, etc.

Here are some examples:

  • puberty, difficulties with puberty.
  • difficulty with all kinds of transitions.
  • teething issues.
  • irresolution, difficulty making decisions.
  • bittersweet transition.
  • aggravation when the snow melts.


Calcarea Phosphorica Children

calcarea phosphorica homeopathic remedyCalcarea phosphorica is a very beneficial remedy for children. Consider this remedy if the children has issues or ailments such as:

  • whining during sleep.
  • colic pains.
  • not being satisfied by anything.
  • procrastination. Not wanting to go to school or vomiting before school or the like.
  • acting very slowly. 
  • teeth decay.
  • being clingy, overly needy.
  • undergoing growth delays.
  • fractures.
  • ailments coming on from growth spurts.
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease.


Useful Acute Uses

Calcarea phosphorica is known to work very well in specific acute cases, such as:


  • grief in transitions.
  • bone break (use in X or low C potency consistently for bone knitting).
  • weakness in the spine.
  • growths on the bone.
  • great for electric shock sensation in the spine.


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calcarea phosphorica homeopathic remedy


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