The word depression is often used by people when they’re talking about the moments of time when they feel really sad or down. It’s completely normal to feel sad when you’re going through a difficult and stressful time.

Nevertheless, if you continue to feel that your mood is really low for an additional amount of days rather than just a day or two, there might be something more serious going on. There’s actually a lot more to this condition than many people have ever realized. Many people don’t realize that depression doesn’t just affect someone’s mind, but also affects their body. While depressed, some people might not even understand why they feel so sad.

Depression is caused by a combination of biological, psychological and social factors, so there’s no specific treatment or cure to it. Conventional antidepressants don’t really treat depression completely, and many can take several weeks to show the effects. These also tend to cause side effects such as dizziness, disorientation, and weight gain. The first essential step to reduce depression is maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Cannabis For Depression?

Including the use of medical cannabis in your day to day lifestyle can bring about a huge difference. The use of cannabis to treat depression has been found since ancient times. However, cannabis is not commonly prescribed for the treatment of depression, but many people still use it because of its effective antidepressant nature.

In 2009, a study found that activating the CB1 receptor can have a major antidepressant effect on animals. THC is also known to activate the CB1 receptors so it can also be said to possess antidepressant effects.

Cannabis can also help to treat depression by increasing serotonin in the brain. Most antidepressant medications target the brain chemicals. Serotonin is basically a naturally-occurring brain chemical that controls mood, sleep and, appetite. A study found that by activating serotonin, cannabis can act as an antidepressant.


Effects of THC And CBD

A study found that THC can act as an antidepressant in animals. Researchers found that there was an optimal dose that has to be strictly followed while consuming cannabis seeds in USA. THC above or below the optimal dose could fluctuate the intensity of depression.

Because this optimal dose is quite different for everyone, if you’re self-medicating your depression, you should have more information about its actual use and dosage. You will probably need to test a couple doses of THC in order to find what works best for you the best.

The antidepressant effects of the non-psychoactive CBD are still undergoing research. CBD oil has a huge range of potential medical benefits including reducing pain, soothing anxiety, fighting cancer. It has been suggested by Miami marijuana doctors that the consumption of CBD can likely help people with depression.

A study reviewed the animal studies concluded that CBD can act as a really effective antidepressant. Another study found that CBD can act as an antidepressant, by activating both the endocannabinoid and serotonin systems. There have also been some studies in which CBD oil in Florida is able to relieve the symptoms of depression.


Cannabis vs Antidepressants

Cannabis and antidepressants may even work well together. You can avail good quality cannabis from various authentic medical marijuana dispensaries located around the world. A research concluded that because of the interaction of the endocannabinoid and serotonin systems in the body, marijuana may help some antidepressants to work even better. However, for declaring cannabis effective for certain diseases like depression, it must undergo various stages of clinical examinations.

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