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Feeling happy, relaxed and content in your own home is the most important thing in the world and something essential for your mental and physical health – but what if that’s not the case? Our homes are full of hidden dangers and hazards that are lurking in the dark corners of our kitchens, pantries, bathrooms and patios, endangering our health and putting us at risk. If you still don’t know anything about this, you need to learn what some of these chemicals are, how you can identify potential dangers and what you should do against some of the most common carcinogens that are present in our homes.


This is one of the chemicals present in most common household items, from your kitchen and toilet cleaners to your mold removals. Additionally, chlorine is found in drinking water in many areas in the world, making it almost unavoidable and omnipresent, and you can even find it in swimming pools, both private and public.

This practice causes cancer in a constantly rising number of people all round the planet, but fighting this chemical isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need to do is avoid chlorine-based products and start making your own cleaning supplies from items like baking soda, vinegar, salt and water – these will be just as effective, yet much more natural and without damaging your health.

Herbicides and pesticides

People who are lucky enough to have a huge backyard are always encouraged to turn it into a garden and start growing plants, herbs, flowers and vegetables there. However, they should also be careful what sort of chemicals they’re using in their garden because lots of pesticides and herbicides are full of dangerous chemicals that can harm both you and your plants.

Therefore, double check what you’re purchasing and always talk to a professional who can recommend a less hazardous option. Moreover, you can switch to home-made products here as well – from boiling water to boric acid, there is a whole range of alternatives that will help your garden look amazing without putting it at risk.

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This is an example of how technology changes our world and in what ways modern developments affect our everyday lives. Asbestos was once among the most favorite materials that all architects, builders and contractors just loved using half a century ago, claiming it’s protecting your home and helping it stay safe even when you’re not around. In the meantime, it’s been discovered that asbestos isn’t as safe as everyone thought, and that it actually causes cancer quite frequently.

That’s why people are getting rid of it as fast as they can, and if you too are living in a house that was built before the 1990s, you might want to consider hiring reliable asbestos clearance professionals who can inspect your property and help you get rid of this dangerous chemical once and for all. Your home will become healthier right away, and you’ll be safer as well.


This is another common ingredient of many household products we’re probably using quite often, unaware of how dangerous they are. Probably the most dangerous ones out there are fragrances, deodorants and perfumes, which means we’re all applying styrene to our bodies on a daily basis, and this can lead of different kinds of cancers faster than you can imagine – and that’s something even the experts can agree on.

The only way to minimize the use of styrene is by reading the small print when purchasing your fragrances and perfumes – it should be listed there as one of the ingredients, and you just need to notice it and skip the products that contain it. What you can also do is switch to more natural fragrances and even certain DIY products that might not be as appealing and nice, but at least aren’t harming your body and causing cancer.

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only chemicals in our homes that have a negative effect on our bodies. Some of the other things you should look out for include lead, benzene, quats, scents and triclosan that can be found in old paint, degreasers, fabric softeners, candles and toothpaste, respectively, so try to avoid these things as much as you can and switch to natural and healthy alternatives instead.

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