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What is Homeopathy?

homeopathy statistics

EYE OPENING Homeopathy Statistics: Bigger Than You Think!

10.7.2017 | 15:24 | Read article

In many places in the world such as the United States, people may know what homeopathy is, or at least have an idea of what…

homeopathic lectures

Interested in Natural Health & Homeopathic Lectures?

24.5.2017 | 11:11 | Read article

Are you a group, organization, or community that is interested in learning more about natural health, holistic healing, and/or homeopathy? Then you may be interested in…

Kosher for Passover

Are Homeopathic Remedies Kosher for Passover?

6.4.2017 | 14:51 | Read article

Passover is right around the corner as Jews around the world prepare for this yearly holiday. Many people are eliminating or selling leavened products as…

Homeopathy in the Bible

Homeopathy in the Bible – Heavenly Healing at it’s Finest!

23.2.2017 | 11:42 | Read article

I started studying homeopathy two years after I started to reconnect to Judaism. When I started learning homeopathy, I never expected there to be any…